$3,300 Profit Per Article – My Content Strategies To Make More Content In 2022

,300 Profit Per Article – My Content Strategies To Make More Content In 2022

All right so here we’re hovering right Around a dollar a click somewhere in the 85 cents per click range and here is About 820 clicks 3600 a couple thousand More and another couple thousand imagine Getting all this traffic and making 85 Cents for each visitor let me show you Exactly how this works [Music] [Music] Come on let’s go to work [Music] All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the first ever edition of going to Work with marcus where i’m gonna show You everything As it is we’re just gonna fire Everything up and go to work and you can See here on the screen that today i Actually made money using the exact Thing i’m going to show you in this Training you could see i made like 13 Nothing to write home about but this Starts to add up and as you can see i’m Making money every single day with this Exact niche and this niche is the domain Expired domain buying niche which is Pretty cool right really simple i made a Blog post about these keywords put it up And now i’m getting paid and you can see Last year alone we did like 2500 bucks And today i’m going to show you how this Whole thing works i’m going to go Through and show you how i come up with

Article titles for blog posts using this List that i actually have to do for my Clients i’m going to show you the Template that i use here i’m going to Give you the template so you can use it But more importantly i’m going to show You how i find the keywords and come up With article titles that are almost Guaranteed to get me free traffic Like that and while i was doing research For this video i went ahead and took Some of the top keywords from some of The top websites out there that are Teaching how to make money online and What i found is that there’s a lot of Wasted traffic there’s a lot of traffic That you know you get the traffic but You’re not making much money on it which Is why the average blogger makes like Less than a penny a visitor so what we Want to do is we want to get rid of that Because we want all of our efforts to be Placed in things that are only going to Produce maximum results so if we take a Look at this one here this is from a Site that’s claiming he’s making like a Million a million five a year and we Could see some of these keywords Obviously are not big earners like here You have best youtube converter youtube Download youtube download different Stuff like that what makes a good leader That’s not gonna make much money however Down here we see stuff like 3d printing

Software scheduling software photo Editing software these are ones that can Yield a lot of money now i would venture To say that this is probably his highest Earning of all of these on this list now Nft marketplace might have started Earning a lot of money because it’s new But this one here how to start a blog This leads to the web hosting niche Which is worth a lot of money this is One where i consistently get like seven Dollars a click for every click i refer To these uh web hosts which is really Cool now here’s another one for link Tree alternatives this could link to Hosting uh we could see Money on apps probably not that good Best affiliate programs some of these Are pretty good but i’ll bet how to Start a blog is probably his biggest Income earner hands down here’s another One that talks about sound proofing we Could see divider divider curtains these Are pretty good uh how to sound proof uh A room is pretty good egg carton sound Proofing this is probably people just Looking for how do i get egg cartons and Soundproof however you could probably Flip them into Uh money stuff as well now what i’m Looking at here is this is a pretty Solid list this one maybe not so much But this one is pretty solid for like Getting leads for people that are

Looking for like sound proofing services Which pay lots of money now going down Here we could see this one for Photography we have the word selfies Which is pretty generic probably not Going to yield that much money there Photography looking up yeah not that Much lightbox yeah i could sell some Stuff there pricing i could sell some Stuff for real estate pricing Um we got flower photography that’s Probably people looking for pictures Benefits of a mirrorless camera this is A pretty good one we want stuff that is Is directly going to lead to things that Are going to put money in our pocket Best mirrorless camera yeah i could do Good there cool yellow pictures now That’s not going to make much at all so What we want to do here is isolate stuff We need and believe me the reason i’m Doing this before i get into the go to Work with marcus section is because i Want you to understand that we only want To put our effort in things that are Going to yield the most return on our Investment of time or money or whatever It is we’re doing to get these posts Written here’s another one that is about Knives and certain things like that we Could see the top keyword what does Don’t tread on me mean that’s not going To make us much money at all not much Not much now these steel ones these can

Work the best otf knife uh best Types of steel we have um Different stuff like that here’s another Wasted one uh knife laws probably not That important we have more laws um lots Of laws different things like that so What i would do if this was me is i Would focus on the different types of Knives or the different types of steel That they’re made out of and get rid of A lot of the waste here’s the last one We’re going to look at here which was About concrete we have concrete Poisoning which Maybe maybe could lead to like a lawsuit Offer that’s on uh offervault for like You know did you use this concrete Between this time and this time you may Be eligible for compensation that kind Of thing now some of these filler ones Can work well Uh maybe lead to services and stuff like That How long does quick Crete take to dry Probably not going to make much there We have This this could work How many bags how many bags on a pallet Those are pretty good anchors that’s a Good one so pretty good stuff here again We just want to get rid of the stuff That is waste where they’re just asking Questions like you know does eating too

Much cheese make me fat yeah we probably Can’t make much money with that so now That we know what we’re looking for Let’s head over to that big list and Start looking at keywords and picking Out some article titles okay so first What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to Site explorer and since i buy a lot of These as expired domain names we’re Going to go ahead and put these into the Ahrefs keyword tool and we’re going to Look at the movements and see what kind Of keywords they used to rank for to try To come up with some topics that’ll work Really well so when we click movements Like this it’s going to show up all the Keywords that we used to rank for and We’re going to try to come up with 4 to 10 different article topics now if it’s Regular i give them four if it’s premium We give them 10. so what we’re going to Do here is we’re going to try to take Some of these keywords and get them to Find some good articles here so we have Like buffalo wild wing coupon it was a Number 61. We have gift cards We have different stuff like that so What i’m gonna do here since there’s no Straight up coupon ones uh we could do Promo code or coupons what i’ll do is I’m actually gonna go in To google and i’m gonna type in a list Of top stores coupon

Codes all right and what i’m going to do Is i’m going to try to find some top Stuff here like this here i could put This into our keyword tool and then find Some good keywords based on a website Like this one and since this is a site That’s running right now we’re just Going to go to organic keywords like This and find some of the ones that have A really good traffic number and a lower Competition so we’ll do like maybe 10 Competition or less sort by volume and Then we could see all different kinds of Stores here so what i’m going to do is I’m going to do like a catch all and try To get lots of keywords for this client In one go and the way i’m going to do That is by going to my article template Here we’re gonna put the site in like This so we’ll just copy the site name Here and we’re gonna put it here and Then we’ll do uh four different keywords So we’ll go ahead and put the c in here And then we’ll do four different Keywords so we’ll do Discount code Which has lots of traffic we could do Promo Code And we could do coupons And then we could do something like uh Savings Tools okay now this is a little bit Different we’re not gonna go for exact

Keywords what i’m gonna do here is i’m Gonna try to get a bunch of these right So we could do something like Best Coupon Code Websites for savings okay and then we Could put a number here that way it’s Like okay uh 31 best coupon code Websites for savings or 15 Best coupon code websites for savings All right and then what we’re going to Do is we’re going to try to rank For the various different Websites so we could go through keyword Explorer and we could do something like Cabin or something like that right and Coupon cabin obviously gets lots of Searches so the idea here is to get lots Of sites like coupon cabin and start to Ping off different keywords like coupon Cabin staples or phone number or Accounts or something like that and We’re going to do this with 15 different Websites okay so when i get this content Written i’ll use like coupon cabin i’ll Use maybe Retail me not money pantry and these Will work really well because we could Do coupon com cabin money pantry Right like this and you’ll see that These have lots of searches so the Strategy here is to get a bunch of these So that we start to rank so we’re gonna

Go for Best coupon sites for savings we’re Gonna do a hundred thousand plus because This has a lot of traffic we’re gonna do The difficulty of 10 or less and then we Could say our profit center i’m going to Say we’ll do like honey or some other Type of app because the honey app pays Four dollars a download so that’ll be Really good and it’ll convert really Well and then when we have status it’ll Be did i order it did i write it and Then when it’s posted we’ll say yes or No When it’s actually on the blog then if i Go through and get some more I could say okay let’s do promo code Right like this and we’ll do promo code And we’ll say okay we got like target Promo code Let’s see what we have for Low competition and bear with me my Allergies are driving me nuts today So we’ll do 10 or less and we can have All different types of promo codes here So on this I’m going to do something like The 21 Top Searched For promo codes Online okay now notice how i’m trying to Get as many of these as possible instead Of just going for okay let’s just go for

One at a time what this is gonna do is It’s gonna put together a post it’ll Rank for a bunch of stuff i’ll see which Ones do well and then i’ll get uh Single articles for each of those okay Next up we have coupons so we could do Something like um top Coupons And let’s go ahead and get a keyword Here that way we can put this through Uh coupon Okay right like this All right it looks like pretty Competitive so let’s go kd 10 or less And then i’m going to go through and try To find something Um that’s pretty easy And there’s quite a few And maybe we can find something specific Like like maybe retail so we could do Top Coupons For retail Stores or something like that or where To find top printable Coupons for retail stores this would Make it a lot easier and then of course We’re going to ping off of the different Things as well next what we’re going to Do is i’m going to take savings tools Which isn’t so much a key word as it is An idea right so let’s go ahead and bold That It’s an idea so the idea is we would do

Something like honey Alternatives Okay honey alternative coupon that way We’re not getting like an alternative to Honey is sugar we don’t want that right So what we could do is like best money Saving alternatives we can take this put This into our keyword tool right like This we’ll go site explorer Put this whole page in And then this is going to show us all The different um like competitors to Honey and some of them are going to be Really low competition so we could put Those in there right like parabus Different stuff like that right so we Could go through and we can do Um Best 15 alternatives To wiki buy And honey For Discounts Boom there we go so now we have all These and we’re like okay this is gonna Be a hundred thousand plus two Okay a lot of these are gonna be a lot Of traffic Okay so we’ll just go through and we’ll Put that now let’s go ahead and go into A different one because i think this one Is more of a broad idea and then of Course your profit center on all of

These is going to be the honey app now On some of them it’s going to be Different so what we’re going to do is We’ll go ahead and go to the next one And as i’m going along i always Like to save this because we don’t want To lose our stuff here okay so now Here’s a premium one Which is how to approach her dot com now For how to approach her dot com let’s go Ahead and start again With Our main site so we’re gonna put the Site in here See what it ranks for currently and what It used to rank for All right and a lot of these versus ones These are really really good alternative Versus stuff like that okay so now we’re Going through and we can see where we Ranked we’ll go to movements Okay so we have like what does it mean When a girl bites her lips Uh how to seduce a best friend um Okay all kinds of interesting ones this Is pretty good because it did rank it Had some decent rankings and what i’m Thinking we can do Is we could go through and say something Like um Seduce Or attraction okay and this would be Like the keyword group and then what I’ll do is i’ll do uh 21

Signs Signs She is Into You Okay uh you could even do like 21 body Language signs body language might Isolate it more so body Language signs Okay and that’ll get like the biting the Lip the whatever else there is okay and Then we can see if there’s anything else Here Anything decent maybe like attraction Looks like it’s mostly Seduction stuff so let’s try Something a little bit different maybe We could go to our um google and say Something like how to get her to like You or something like that okay so we Could go through and we could say okay Practical uh 21 21 22 tricks to get a Girl to like you all right we could do This And we could do this in site explorer And this will give us some ideas this is A great way to find keywords That other sites rank for that you can Actually use and this guy’s got quite a Few seven almost 8 000 keywords right so Now we have like how to get a girl to Like you and what we’re going to do Is we’re going to scroll down and we’re Going to go for the lowest comp ones so

How to get a girl to like you back or Maybe we’ll go for this one how to get Girls to like you Um 13 how to make a girl think about you Uh how to get a girl’s attention right This would actually be a really good one So we could do something like um you Know 22 ways or 15 ways let’s do 13. i like to do them Kind of odd 13 Ways to get Girls attention okay how to get 13 ways to get A girl’s attention okay that’s a pretty Good one now for the traffic on that We’re looking at 800 on the main one but I’m sure there’s quite a few more on the Others now as far as difficulty we were Looking at seven and then our profit Center would be like uh how to attract Girls or you know some kind of course About How to do that right whatever it is okay Next up we can go through and we’ll do This one for Uh girls Attention Okay and we probably put the exact word In there how to get a girl’s attention So i’ll put that in there exactly All right like this And Here we go how to get a girl’s attention The next one i would do

Probably a different site here so maybe Mantelligence Okay we could do mantelligence And we could see here there’s some weird Ones um but if we scroll down and we’re Like okay here’s number 12 how to keep a Conversation going with a girl this is Probably a pretty good one right and we Can take that and say okay Uh 13 ways To Keep a conversation Going With a girl right and on this one we’re Going to go ahead and say okay this was 3 100 searches a month that’s pretty Good competition was 13 and then as far As money on this one we’ll do like how To text her and make her like you or um You know body seduction tips or What do they call it um Flirting tips or whatnot um on this one Keep a conversation going uh we would Probably do something like a flirting Course or flirting tips or something Like that uh you could even do like send Her flowers for this one Right pretty simple pretty easy uh let’s Go ahead and get a couple more i think This is premium so we’re gonna go 10 on This one So we could do something like Uh things to say to your crush things to

Talk about with your crush i’m guessing The word crush is gonna get us a Younger crowd which probably won’t buy Stuff so i’m gonna keep it uh Bigger than that okay i’m gonna keep it A crowd that can actually buy this stuff So we could do cute things to do for Your girlfriend that’s pretty good Because you could do like buyer bracelet Whatever This one will be easy we’ll do like 15 Cute things to do for your girlfriend as Far as traffic 1700 Okay And as you guys can see i put a lot of Thought into how i do this stuff and What we’re going for And on this one we have uh 1700 traffic Difficulty was 14 And then of course the the money stuff Is going to be Uh gf gifts Girlfriend gifts flowers uh bracelets Rings teddy bears stuff like that flower Chocolates stuff like that okay then we Can go through and i could just take This site and say hey i only want the Ones that are 10 competition or less and i could go Through And say okay biology pickup lines we got Flirty Would you rather questions Um how to ask a girl to be your

Girlfriend two year anniversary gifts That’s a good one right that’s a money One right there okay so that would be a Money one so we could do um Let’s get out of here let’s go back all Right so we could do something here like Um Best Two-year anniversary gifts for Girlfriend on this again we’re gonna do Girlfriend gift now notice how these are All Pointing to something that’s that makes Money if it’s not if there’s nothing Direct that’s gonna make me money then I’m not gonna use this to write about so We need to make sure that we have Traffic and we need to make sure That it leads to something that makes Money now something like speed Dating questions This is decent because we could actually Go through and say okay Let’s skip the whole idea of speed Dating and let’s do Dating websites Okay so that’s an easy segue it’s like Okay uh i could go through and do 37 speed dating questions and then i’m Gonna load this with the texting offer And dating offers right and there’s lots Of dating website offers that pay seven Or ten dollars for a sign up so we go Through there we got one two three four

Five six let’s go ahead and pick up four More okay we can do Um let’s see video game pickup lines Uh how to ask someone to be a girlfriend Probably a younger crowd how to stop Chasing her and make her chase you That’s probably a book Okay uh girlfriend cheated what should i Do That could be a decent one we could Probably make some money with you know Um how to You know get a new relationship or Whatever it is I’m gonna try to find something more Specific um so we can do something like Preparing for fatherhood that’s an Interesting one Psychology love i trick Interesting so psychological tricks to Get a girl to approach you Um let’s see what else we got Fast flirting okay so that that’s about Flirty text so we could do Fast flirting then we could go through Here type fast flirting and what you’re Going to see is lots of sub category Keywords so it looks like it’s an app Might also be a dating site i’d probably Go over to offervault see if there’s Anything for fast flirting or flirting So there are some flirting sites there And then we can even do like clickbank Type flirting in here like this and yeah

There’s some flirting uh how to flirt With women these these are things that Can work really really well attract men Or women learn to flirt There’s quite a few things seduction Genie these would work really really Well Uh for this type of traffic so i would Definitely do Fast flirting and then i’d do something Like Um 32 Fast flirting Lines You need to print Out right so there you have them ready To go On this one we’ll do Flirting Offers i’ll probably stick to clickbank And maybe even some dating offers here Right and then we’ll just fill in our Traffic see exactly what’s going on so We got seven Three more here uh should be pretty easy So we got pickup lines here and i think This is a good one because there’s lots Of stuff that A lot of other sites would have But it’s not really going to make us That much money so we could have stuff Like how to tell a girl you like her how Not to be a dry texter that’s an

Interesting one with quite a bit of Searches okay so yeah this is a dry Texture is like a boring one for the Purpose of of like flirting and stuff Like that so i think this is pretty good This is one we could go through and be Like okay yeah i could lead this into uh Those clickbank things right so this Would go really well so we have uh how To be how to text but this is really Good look at all this traffic here and If we go to organic We could see how not to be a dry this is This is easy right so we could do Something like Uh How not to be a dry texture and then i Would go through and do How not my article would probably be how Not to be a dry texter now i’m going to Make it maybe 17 ways To Not be a dry texter Okay offers again we’re going to do the Flirting offers this is actually pretty Easy this one will do really well with The flirting offers adsense and maybe Context ads and it should be pretty cut And dry very simple okay then we’re Gonna go through and try to find some Other ones here Pick up lines Pick up lines How to keep a conversation we have that

Nine texts to get him chasing you that’s An interesting one 3 300 searches so Nine texts to get him chasing you Interesting now this site’s mostly about Getting the girl since it’s how to Approach her Uh so let’s let’s try to keep it to the Her stuff because i think that’ll be Better Juicy dates messages Interesting one nerdy pickup lines Valentine’s day pickup lines Obvious signs he likes you so we can Even do like signs She likes you Right so we could do uh signs she likes You Right like this And then we could do sign signs she Likes you And i don’t think we have that on our List Yeah so that’ll be a really good one too Um how to tell if she likes you Signs she’s This is good because this will this will Get all these keywords but this is Actually a really good one right because It’s a good article title right so sign She likes you will do something like 17 or 13 signs she likes you She secretly likes you that’s a good one Flirting offers Different things like that would work

Really well for this and of course you Could use it to get them into the other Content as well like okay now that she Likes you here’s how to ask her out Here’s how to give her flirty texts or Whatever it is right then we have our Last one i think let’s see one two three Four five six seven eight nine so one More here And we are looking at this marriage site And we could see a good morning love Messages for him how to make someone Fall in love with you that’s a little More competitive than i like Let’s try Going 10 or less So we could do something like Um signs your soul mate is thinking of You or something like that that’s a Pretty good one so we could put that in Here right like this Uh signs your soulmate is thinking of You that’s a pretty specific one i’m Just gonna put a number on it we’ll do Nine signs your soulmate is thinking of You Again it’s going to be the same kind of Offers where it’s like flirting get him To like you get him to fall in love with You Different stuff like that and again Always Hit the save button because hey we gotta Save this stuff so we don’t lose it been

There done that learned my lesson and by The way if you guys are digging this Whole go to work with marcus vibe smash The like button and let me know in the Comments that way i know to make more Videos like this now the next and last One we’re going to do is wp captain.com This is going to be an important one if You’re out there looking at tech stuff Because first of all we’re going to Start like this this is actually a Domain that i bought at auction so it Actually has some rankings right now Like right now it’s number five for this Dash icon stuff so what we’re going to Do first and foremost is i’m going to go Through and i’m going to go to volume And i’m going to find the stuff that has A lot of volume like pingdom speed test Or speed test or whatever it is and then I’m going to think about how i can make Money with this and i think yes if we do A wordpress type thing we could do Something about wordpress speed so what I’ll do is i’ll go here to keyword Explorer and i’ll do wordpress Speed alright and this is going to be a Pretty simple one it’ll go pretty quick So we have like wordpress speed Optimization so what i’m going to do is I’m going to do this and i’m going to Say for traffic we’re at 350 But it’s actually going to be a lot more Because it’s going to be the plug-in so

I’m going to do something like 13 must have plug-ins To speed Up your wordpress Website or blog or whatever it is okay So pretty simple there we go we’re gonna Get a ping for the ranking of wordpress Speed and then they’re gonna go through And they’ll have like pingdom and stuff Like that and we’ll get that traffic as Well which we should do pretty good i Can make a note hey yeah I definitely want to do Pingdom Because that’s when it already had Traffic on so it should write pretty Quickly then we’re gonna go through And we’re gonna look at this dash icons One Okay so we can do dash icons i’m gonna Put this in the keyword tool dash icons And i’m gonna see what’s going on so Dash icons i’m gonna do something Generic Like uh dash icons how to use them so I’ll do Like this and then dash icons was Uh 1700 Searches a month it’s going to lead to Plug-ins and stuff so i will do Something like What are wordpress Dash icons and how to use them Very simple okay then of course we’re

Going to do the plugins we’re gonna do The speed stuff all kinds of stuff to Make money with them then we’re gonna go Through and find some others all right So dash icons under strap so it looks Like under strap is a theme Let’s take a look at if anything comes Up for this Okay so under strap Looks like a theme i don’t think we’re Gonna rank that good because it’s a Number 16 and there’s not a lot of There’s too much taper see how it goes 350 86 it’s gone so unless we’re getting The top board we ain’t getting any Traffic next let’s see what else we have Uh speed test Dash icons Okay so what i’m going to do next is i’m Going to get a little creative And i’m going to do something like maybe Um Must have WordPress plugins Very simple so i’m going to take some of These let’s do this one with Because that’ll give us a lot more than Just the seven And i’m gonna put that in here And i will do must have uh wordpress Plugins and on this i will probably do A bigger Article so where i would do like 1500 Words this will probably be like 3 000

Or 6 000 words and i’ll do um WordPress plugins which pretty much has An unlimited amount of traffic i mean You’re talking 100 000 plus on this When you have all the subcategory words So i will do something like um 47 Must have wordpress plugins then i’m Going to isolate it and i’ll do Something like Shopify wordpress okay we got to get a Little Thinky here use our old noggin so we’ll Do shopify WordPress alright this will be pretty Good because now we have like shopify WordPress Shopify versus wordpress Pretty good integrate shopify with WordPress Okay so i’m gonna do Integrate shopify with wordpress now You’re gonna see that there’s only 300 Searches a month this would look like a Dud but look at all this stuff that’s Gonna be on it right so we can even do Shopify wordpress integration Um something like that so we’ll do Something like this and we’re going to Say Uh 2k plus because there’s 2 000 plus on This and we’ll do something like uh 13 Ways to integrate Shopify With wordpress

Boom there we go all right we’re looking Pretty good here these are gonna be Stuff that’ll rank stuff that leads to Money stuff that’s really easy uh to get Traffic for and stuff that’ll also Piggyback into other stuff which will End up making us more money that’s the Goal here all right we can even do Something like uh wordpress Integrate Okay how to integrate with wordpress Okay how to integrate mailchimp with WordPress now what i’m going to do here Watch this i’m going to open a new one And i’m going to go up a level so level Here 200 searches a month not much let’s Do mailchimp WordPress just those two boom now we Have mailchimp wordpress plugin so we Could do something like um Top Mailchimp WordPress plugins and how to Integrate or how to how to use How to use mailchimp With wordpress okay pretty cool now We’re looking uh 200 200 this is like a Thousand plus okay this is good stuff Because i could be an affiliate of Mailchimp i could do all kinds of things Here now we’re going to go through even More And i’ll do Let’s do

With WordPress and notice how my brain’s Thinking here in different ways so we Can go Some kind of crm wordpress and look at That there we go crm wordpress like you Get a fortune if you refer people to Like infusionsoft and you know click Funnels and all that crm wordpress look At this this is really good and we could Talk about the top plug-ins now let’s Take a look and make sure it’s not too Competitive all right so we got crm Integration With the wordpress six Zoho This is looking pretty good so we can do Best crm wordpress plugins we’re at over A thousand actually a lot more because There’s like four thousand one point Four three thousand so there’s quite a Bit here so we’ll do Um Best Crm WordPress plugin okay a couple thousand Boom And then obviously the way we’re gonna Make money going to be infusionsoft Clickfunnels all this other stuff all Right so looking pretty good this is Pretty easy one We can also do something like In wordpress or on wordpress or for

WordPress so let’s do four WordPress Okay Uh best hosting For wordpress conversio that’s Interesting that might be a false Positive Sometimes if it’s that specific i don’t Know if they have 20 000 but hey i’m gonna throw that on a Blog post and see if i get traffic right It might as well So we could do something like Best hosting for wordpress Um and then i’ll just put convergio and When i order that article i’ll tell them Make sure to include Conversion or whatever it is okay uh 20k Plus again might be a false positive how Am i gonna make money hosting which pays A fortune so we got one two three four Five six seven Three more And let’s do we got quiz plug-ins for WordPress let’s do Plug-in WordPress and let’s see if we can get Some low-hanging fruit With low comp so we’ll go kd let’s do 10 Or less Boom and now we got hubspot wordpress Plug-in Easy Okay so hubspot and then we’ll do like

How does it work or something like that Right like this How Does hubspot wordpress plugin work boom Okay we got decent amount of searches Ada compliance that’s a good one there’s Lots of uh things that we can use for That uh lots of things we can sell Because there’s lots of compliance Plugins and different things like that We could do Seven best adi wordpress adi compliance Plugins Okay really good again we can do uh Compliance and law and stuff like that Okay very simple so now we got One more to go And the last one we’ll do Maybe we’ll do something like calendly That’s a pretty good one so 900 so we Could do like this We’ll probably get candy anyway so we’ll Do like This as our keyword and then we’ll do Uh Nine killer Calendar [Music] Uh plugins For wordpress Okay then we can also stick the word Planner or something and then we’re Gonna go and find specific plugins that Cost money that they can use

That have to do with like calendly so Now if you’re noticing i hope you guys Are liking this because i want to give You the insight into how my brain works How i think about this how i go through And i never write anything unless i know How i’m going to make money with it i Either want to build a list or make Money so we could either like maybe i’ll Make a plug-in or a list of plug-ins They can get free have them opt-in for It um something like that because we Want to get as many people as possible That are going to be interested in the Stuff that’s going to make us money now If you enjoyed this video smash the like Button check the videos in the Description and also leave me a comment And say make more go to work with marcus Videos and tell me what you want to Learn and i will make that for one of Our up and coming videos thanks for Watching check out the videos in the Description that are going to go more Into how to rank these and how i get the Content written and everything like that So that you can make money thanks for Watching and i’ll see you in the next Video

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