5 Ways Tidio Can Make Your More Money This Year – Tidio Tutorial

By | March 15, 2023
5 Ways Tidio Can Make Your More Money This Year – Tidio Tutorial

According to Leeds survey 78 of Customers buy from the first company That responds to them so customers often Send emails or messages to multiple Companies the first one in response to Them 70 of customers do business with Them in the same survey lead connect Finally if a company responds within the First minute sales conversions are 391 Percent higher than if they take longer Than one minute to respond and finally a Survey of 433 companies by drift show That only seven percent responded in Less than five minutes in 2022 and if You put these three findings together You'll quickly conclude that if you Responded to your prospects in less than One minute You struck gold you're going to be Printing money they're going to call you JP money bags you're going to be king of Your Market but hang on a second Responding in less than one minute is Really hard to do really really hard but In this video I'm gonna show you how you Could possibly do it with a piece of Software that'll make your business run Way smoother and help you reach the less Than one minute customer support query Response time so if you want to find out How you can increase your sales Conversions by 391 percent make sure you Stick around and watch this video to the Very end hey what's up everyone it's

Bjorn welcome back to my channel where I Post videos every week giving you the Strategies and tools to help bloggers And business owners make more income Online if that kind of thing interests You click subscribe and ring the bell so You don't miss any future tips and Tricks if you want a shout out like this In a future video take a picture of Yourself watching this video and tag me On Instagram stories or leave a comment And subscribe to my channel and I'll Find you that way and if you stick Around to the very end of this video I'm Gonna show you how you can get this 20 Off discount across the board on all Tidio products in perpetuity as long as You you stay a customer you get the 20 Off every single pay period whether it's Monthly or annually and in fact if you Look closely you can see the discount Code right here but stick to the very End so you can see all the ways to do Can help you in your business and then Grab the discount and make your company More money with tidio while saving money On the tidio subscription as always time Stamps are down below because I value Your time that's why my videos all have A no fluff guarantee so let's get Straight to the point less talking more Doing so here we are in the magical app That's going to help you reduce your Response times hopefully under one

Minute that's a pretty tough Target to Hit you're probably need a bunch of help To make that happen depending how many Queries you get but tidio is going to Help you make that happen because it Does a lot of heavy lifting for you and In this video I'm going to show you five Different ways that tidio will help you Make money this year and help you Respond faster to your customers Immediately so the first thing is the Multi-inbox this is a brand new account Currently There is some test messages from a long Time ago and this is the inbox right Here to this inbox we can connect our Email we can connect Facebook Instagram And our live chat it's all going to go Straight into here you can have a bunch Of people as in operators working with You your staff your team and you can Click on here to connect To the ticketing system to do that we Connect an email You connect your email by clicking here You choose your email type connect with Your existing email one minute setup or A new address with Tidio.xyz.com which is instant Gonna want to choose one of these With the tibio email address you cannot Change the ending that's going to look Less Pro so you definitely want to try To use your own existing email address

For example beyond the wp learning lab This is my own custom email address and That looks more Pro than Bjorn tdo.xyz Click on next and you're going to go Through these steps to connect your Email address mine happens to be Google Yours might be a different one but it Walks you three steps and it's super Simple Then we can set the email address one we Want to send from this is where we type In Bjorn at WP learnlab again then you Verify that it's yours I'll send an Email click on a link verify it's yours And you can have automatic responses These are something that you'd set up If you want to reply to people right Away so they send a message in then you Write in here we received your message We'll get back to you within whatever Your response time is hopefully less Than one minute but you wouldn't want to Advertise that in this message because That's really really hard to do but you Can have that in this message if you Want it's up to you what you're writing Here but this is sent back immediately When someone sends an email just like a Ticketing system and that those tickets Are then launched into your inbox here Where you can manage them there'll be Unassigned tickets Here it shows to integrate our to your Widget Instagram email and Facebook so

Let's install our widget this is a chat Widget that goes onto your website you Can get to Here by going to settings Live chat installation or just click the Link that you saw just there a moment Ago there's various options we can use To install this on our site you can have Just JavaScript right here super simple You can use The Shopify method if you're using Shopify WordPress woocommerce Bigcommerce Magento press to shop and Other which is again just JavaScript it Looks like If you want to save using a plugin on WordPress use the JavaScript but the Plugin is going to be a whole lot easier So we go to plugins we add new look for Tidio click on activate and go through The steps so here we are in Rvmithfamily.com I'm going to go to Plugins and add new I'm going to search for tidio should be The first one that pops up Here it is right here over a hundred Thousand active installs click on Install now if you're using a live site You might want to do this on a testing Site or a staging site Or back up your site first either those Options works there's a link to a Tutorial on the card above in the Description down below to help you back Up your site before you install it if

You need to It's just in case something Goes wrong it's pretty rare that Something will go wrong but just in case You have a backup to do a live chat now Added option in the bottom left if we Click on that it takes us to here where We sign in you want to click on login Down here and then you fill in your Login details these are the same ones That we'd use to log into the tidio main Website click on login when you have Your data in there Select a project Currently don't have the appropriate one Let's create a new project Sure keep the name as Mark keep that Color scheme we can customize those Later or you can do it now you can go Through each of these steps to customize Just going to show you the broad Strokes How to install this so we can see the Thickening system I want to do both solve customer Problems and increase sales I would like to reactively react to Someone who messages you or proactively Start and engage conversations Out of those two I'm going to choose Proactively how many agents do you will Use tidio currently one what's your Industry This rving site is a blog or inquiries Monthly I don't really use anything on This site so I don't know one to five

Install widgets Or install widget all of these can be Changed and customized later as well so We're just setting up a project so we Can get our chat system onto the website Well done we've successfully installed Tibio live chat Let's take a look we're signed in Currently so it might not show up Because we're signed in Or maybe it will There it is tdo live chat hi there if You need any assistance I'm always here This is that proactive chat messaging so The people who come to the site they'll See this pop up and they can say Great I'd like to know Where to buy an RV They can send you messages And then when they send a message They'll be asked if they want to join Your newsletter they have to send they Have to enter an email so they can be Responded to if you're not online So enter an email right there they can Check sign up for newsletter if they Want to I'll select it and click on send And it sends that message right there And here it says we're currently Unavailable we'll get back to you when One of our operators is able to respond This is basically saying we're not Online currently so to get us online We now have this installed let's see if

We can verify that's installed properly Let's refresh Chat code is installed properly so That's fantastic we even have a little One up here That's showing that we have a new Message and that's the message that I Just sent in when you're first setting This up you're also going to want to Enable notifications Notifications are blocked by my current Browser Google Chrome you might miss Something on incoming chats read how to Allow notifications in your browser if That is something you want to do Get notifications which you should make Sure you read that and set that up So it's got a bunch of information over Here even has the incorrect City for me To live in but that's never right anyway So we have the chat message here and I Can join the conversation You can assign this to other people Currently we only have me in this Account so no other people to assign it To but you could assign this to other People right down here and assign it to Myself and we also have a satisfaction Survey automatically enabled you can Turn that off by clicking on change Settings Got it there's a lot of stuff to set up The first time but once you have these Things set up it's all just going to run

Smooth as butter So now that I've been assigned this Message it's been moved from unassigned To my open so every message that comes In goes to unassigned and then someone Needs to go and assign it to people or Your staff can go in and assign messages To themselves they might cherry pick the Easy ones if you do that or you can go Down to settings and then down to Workflow and to chat assignment And here you can choose round robin Currently it's manual so I had to sign The message to myself and all messages Have to be assigned manually round robin Means the messages that come in are Going to be automatically assigned to Somebody Evenly in a sequential order So I'll save that now any incoming Messages are going to be assigned to me Because I'm the only one the only Operator on this project currently But if you have multiple operators They'll be assigned in a round robin Format when you're first starting a Conversation with someone who hasn't Engaged with you before I recommend you Stay on the same channel that they came Into you as so if they came in Via chat Reply via the chat it's going to be There by default but you can choose Different ones I choose to reply via Email and they might say why are you

Replying the email I came in Via chat or If you reply to them on messenger which We haven't connected here or Instagram To click those buttons connection takes Under one minute but reply to them In the medium that they arrive to you With so this arrived in chat I'm going To reply with hey Bjorn great question If you let me know which part of the Country you live I can help you find Some RV lots in your area Let's add an emoji let's do a smiley Face and hit reply And now this is going to show up Right over here There's our message So that's nice Being able to manage all these Conversations in one spot that's very Nice what's even nicer is tedio now has AI implemented to help you improve your Responses if you can't think of Something to say or you want to improve Your response you can use the AI there's A bunch of ways you can use it what I'm Going to do is copy and paste the Message they sent me I like to know where to buy an RV then I'm going to press this little wand icon Or you can press command forward slash On a Mac and I assume control forward Slash on a PC but whatever it is on the PC it would show in this little pop-up Window here so click on that and I'm

Going to see if this can improve the Message I have to help you find the Right place to purchase an RV could you Please provide me with some more Information about what type of RV you're Looking for that's a great response it's Different than the one I had but it's Similar it's the same idea you're trying To be helpful trying to help people and You can quickly and easily reply to People by copying their question and Generating an AI response That's super handy you can also use Canned responses which will help you Answer common questions much more easily For example hello there what can I help You with this isn't a question but this Could be used to initiate a chat for Example because I'll show you later on You can initiate chats with anybody on Your website which is pretty awesome Other account responses let me check for You real quickly back in a moment in the Meantime could you please leave your Email address so I can get back to you In case we're disconnected by the way we Have an awesome sale going on for a Limited time Try to send you a link and you just Click on these it puts the messages in There you can customize it you could Take out this typo You can have for example places to Insert their name if you know their name

So by the way you could put in here Name Obviously you want to customize that but Hopefully with the capitalized and Square brackets you'll notice so if the Person has a name for example I'm going To guess this person chatting with me is Named Bjorn because that's the email Address that they added Bjorn at So you could type in by the way Bjorn we Have a sale going on or does not have The name if you don't have one So can responses can be customized once You you add them here as a response Account response you click them they go Into your chat or your email or your Messenger or your Instagram response Down here customize them and send them Out and so that's the first out of the Five ways that tedio is going to help You make more money this year because You can have all your conversations Right here in one spot you can respond To them super easily and not only do They have the browser version that we See here they also have apps so if you Go to the apps page this is under tidio Features and then you go down to apps There's a Mac computer app there's a Windows computer app the browser one Which we're using this now an Android App and an IOS app all of these can all Be connected to your tidio account you Can get messages on the go anywhere you

Are no matter what messages will arrive Now the next way tidio is going to help You create happier customers and make More money this year is the ticketing System let's say for example this chat We're having right here is a little more Complicated and requires a little more Work and interaction maybe it's got to Go to the technical team maybe it's got To go to the sales manager or who knows What it's got to go somewhere beyond Just the live chat we can click right Over here and click add a ticket Here we can say help join with finding An RV this is the customer's email it's Auto filled priority you can choose low Normal and Urgent I'd say urgent because Bjorn wants to make a sale and you can Possibly make some more money for your Company so I would Mark that as urgent Currently we only have Mark in our System if you had your whole team in Here they all show up here you can also Have it unassigned but I'd recommend you Assign it to people so that you get These tickets responded too quickly for The underticket message I'm just going To say see subject line Make this an internal note the note Message will not be sent to the customer If you don't check that whatever you Write here will be sent to the customer As will The ticket subject customer email who

It's assigned to I'm just going to make This an internal note And I can submit it as open pending and Solved so I'm going to submit that says Open And now on the left hand side all of a Sudden we have unassigned open and Solved under the tickets as well we have A live conversations one and a tickets One This wasn't there a moment ago so if we Go to my open it's the same kind of Interface We have some little more details some More details on the right hand side Currently we have handling time less Than a minute which is great but you got To hurry because you want it to be less Than a minute forever and the ticketing System goes via email so this is an Email ticketing system where the Customer can respond back to your email As you respond to them and it goes back And forth for example How can I help you with finding an RV Smith as pending and now if we had an Email system integrated this would send An email to them that they can respond To and we responded in less than one Minute So that's great that's why that's our Target because now Bjorn's like wow They're fast I'm going to work with These guys I'm not going to work with

The other guys I contacted because They're not responding to me at all you Can also view the chat conversation you Can view the ticket history with this Customer it's assigned or it's connected To their email address you can see which Pages they viewed on your website any Notes about them everything you need Everything you need to help your Customer achieve their goals and the More customers you help achieve their Goals The closer you're going to get to Achieving your goals which is likely Making more income for your business When the customer query has been solved Change the status from pending to solved I'm going to solve the ticket the Customer will not be notified you wish To continue Yes solve it Clear to my desk zero inbox all my Tickets are done waiting for the next One to come in so I can help service our Customers as quickly as possible and Tidio makes this happen for you which is Pretty slick the Third Way tidio is Going to help you respond to your Customers as fast as humanly possible in Fact as fast as robotically possible is With Bots and these chat Bots have Evolved a lot over the years and they Make response times zero Because people come into your live chat

And the chat bot responds to them Instantly it's not even one minute it's Instant and people often know it's a Chat bot they've become accustomed to it And most people are okay with that the Tidio chat Bots come in three flavors There's the increased Sales Group Generate leads group and solve problems Group as a business you want to focus on Making more money it's only three ways That businesses can do that Acquire more Customers that haven't bought from you Before encourage your existing customers To buy again and increase the average Order size of every order that's made Through your business those are the Three ways companies can make more money And these chat Bots can help you with All three for example we have the card Booster convince your customers to buy By offering them a small discount in the Cart Or the post-purchase discount send next Order coupons to your customers to drive Repeat sales and boost your revenue and Also product recommendation sell more by Recommending hot deals and cross-sell Offers so those three Bots right there They cover all three of those bases and There's also way more as you can see so They can help you with any part of your Business these Bots generating more Leads answering customers we were Solving problems section you can use AI

To solve up to 75 percent of repetitive Questions So it'll help you a lot having these Chat Bots installed and activated on Your site and you can have as many as You want running all at once you do want To make sure you manage them carefully So you're not having conflicts of chat Bots you have multiple running at the Same time in the same place which is Probably not going to end well so make Sure you're using the appropriate bots In the appropriate place and sometimes Less is more so you don't want to overdo It another awesome feature In tidio to actually autorespond to Instagram stories right here and the Spinning wheel The spinning wheel allows people to spin A wheel to get a discount which is Pretty super I'm going to use this template When you click on use you can use it you Can test it out let's go ahead and test It out a little pop-up that pops up here Win one of our prizes so this is Something I'd have a message here like After they purchased for example thanks For your purchase for your next purchase I'd love to give you a discount spin the Wheel to see what kind of discount you'd Get click on try your luck this is what The customer does make this a bit bigger So one of the options there was free

Delivery Every option wins as you can see so Click on try your luck and then the chat Bot says you're the lucky one enjoy free Delivery use this coupon at checkout Free XYZ so that's how that one works The cart booster let's use this template Let's test it out let's make this nice And Tall again save ten percent on this Order so this is something that would Pop up on a cart page you don't have to Have these pop up every time we're going To take a look at one of these in depth In just a moment Click on get coupon code now And you can have this integrate with Your woocommerce setup or whatever Shopify whatever your eCommerce is Please provide your email address below Great would you like to stay in the loop With the latest news as in subscribe to Our newsletter sure that'd be great Here's your coupon code card saver code XYZ enjoy your shopping If you haven't noticed yet If you haven't made the connection yet This saves you oodles and oodles of time Because this is all automatic this Outreach is automatic these are Bots That you set up on your site you Probably offer discounts anyway if you Have an e-commerce site Why not have it done automatically by a Bot make your life way way easier even

Last items in stock Urgency you know how that goes urgency And scarcity Um let's see post purchase discount Let's test it out there's so many of These I mean these are just the Templates you can create your own your Imagination is the limit as you'll see Mr second thanks for the purchase claim A discount in your next order let's do It you can use this discount right here You notice this one didn't ask me for my Email Because that's just the way this one's Set up you can go in and set up however You want it to so let's click on use Template for this one and this is the Bot Builder in here you have almost Unlimited flexibility to build whatever Kind of Bot you want including logic so People answer a certain question in a Certain way you can send to specific Places in the bot And if you do build a branching bot then This feature down here is pretty handy Lets you analyze which nodes are most Popular so you can see which directions People go in the bot most often and help Improve your Bot with that information Make that pop-up go away You can see it's all zero of zero zero Zero because this spot's never been used On our site So here we have our visitor comes in

Trigger visitor opens a specific page Order received so that's the thank you Page this is the page URL of the order Received Pages this is where you'd have To put your own specific page where People go after they order something Trigger limitations send once per 24 Hours send only once for Unique visitor Or unlimited every time they buy then Get another discount As long as you keep your margins Why would you send it to them every time I don't know keep some buying right I Guess So our triggers there are lots of them So we just have a visitor visits a Certain page but we also have first time On site visitor returns to site Mouse Leaves window as an exit pop-up there's A new event form is abandoned visitor Hasn't contacted you for some time Visitor opens a specific page The chatbot it runs on certain days Visitor clicks on a chat icon If you think about it for a little bit Your imagination will start to run wild With all kinds of ideas of how to use Chat Bots like this now there are Triggers are clicking or typing to the Bot visitor clicks the Bots button Visitor says a specific thing They're replying to an Instagram story You can also have chat Bots start when Operator doesn't respond during the

Conversation so you being the operator If you don't respond to someone's Inquiry after a certain amount of time You can have this chat bot jump into Action and say oh Um so and so It isn't here right now or they're Having trouble finding the data that You're looking for or I'm still looking Still working on your inquiry or Something to let the person know you're Still working on it operator starts at Chat bot operate doesn't take the Conversation and operated marks Conversations as solved all these things Can trigger chat bots in addition to Triggers we also have conditions this is Ways you can filter your visitors so for Example you could have visitor opens a Specific page you can also verify that They are a specific person based on Contact property which allows you to get All the data from their contact record So for example if we were to add based On contact property we could have the Visitor double click on a link to or Hover over to get the X connected to our Filter connect the filter to our action So it goes through our filter first and Our filter is In this case just as an example email is Equal to Bjorn at WP learning lab .com So this sequence of events will only run

If the contact email address is equal to This right here so you can specifically Target individuals like if you have like Just a whale of a customer who just buys All the time you could have specific Messages tailored to them With their name and specific information About them saying hey we have a super Discount because you buy every minute or Something Just as an example and so those Conditions all these different condition Types they allow you to filter when and Where and why messages are triggered and The actions there are lots of them you Can see them all listed here and these All help you refine your chat Bots and Build them out exactly how you want them And all you do is you drag and drop Simple as that for example they reply With a message and if their message Reply has an email You can set up the zapier Super simple All these chat bot options here you Click on them and you can customize them You can see A preview of what's going on over here You can re-upload this image delete it At different images you can add buttons You can change the text change URLs you Can change everything over here and it Works exactly how you want it to you can Even have multiple pages so they they

Answer this question you add the plus And then they go to the next question or The next sequence of events and you can Also have a transfer to operator message Some people realize it's a chatbot it's Kind of like calling your credit card Company you've got the automated Messages the first thing I say every Time is Agent agent Let me talk to an agent because I don't Want to go through All the button pressing and so I'm Transferred to an agent and this is the Same idea just for chat Bots and the Fourth Way Tia is going to make you more Money is by allowing you to integrate Tidio with your email system tabio can Respond to emails via the ticketing System when people come to your site and Create messages you can respond to them Via email or via chat or Facebook or Instagram but you can't use it for email Sequences or email broadcasts that you Send your mailing list but you have seen Throughout this video the check boxes For people to add themselves to your Mailing list What do you do with that well what you Do Is you go to settings and then you go to Integrations you choose either You may have MailChimp you can connect With that directly or clavio those are The two email systems that tidio

Connects with And you can send out from them If you don't have either of those two You can connect to zapier and with zap Here you can then Send people from your tidio account to Whatever email app you use if it has a Zapier connection so let's look up tidio As an app Let's choose aweber It's a popular emailing app there there Are lots and lots of different email Apps in zapier It's like a trigger contact sent from Bots this would be someone who checks a Box that says I want to receive your Newsletter and then you could create a Subscriber Uh that's probably the one you want Create a subscriber and then that will Allow you to create the subscriber Inside of aweber you can have rules in Aweber that say when there's a new Subscriber add them to this mailing list And send them this welcome email and What have you so that allows you to do That via these Integrations and that's Going to save you a lot of time It's also going to end up making a lot Of money because With all these different things online All these new social media fads and Tick Tock and influencers and all this stuff The number one way still to make Sales

Online is via email look it up it's true And the fifth way Teddy is going to make You more money this year is specific to People who buy paid advertising if you Do buy a paid advertising chances are You're sending the people who click on Your ads to a landing page install the Tidio chat on the landing page You'll see them pop up in here You will see in real time when someone Clicks on your ad you're going to see Them pop up right here as being on your Landing page and then you could have Your shopping cart open you could have Your email autoresponder open you can Also see in real time then who's buying And who's signing up and you can even Start chats proactively with them so This guy right here I have in an Incognito window so he's right down here And I can click on start chat And I can join conversation and say Hey how can I help you today Send it now it shows up as a number two It's not just gonna throw a giant pop up In their face but they'll see this Message pop up as a two they'll see this Pop-up as a proactive message they click On here You can say this Or you can also say for example if you Know you're running ads from Facebook to This specific page you could say hey Facebooker

How can I help you so you make it more Specific to who they are and where They're from you would want to say hey So-and-so from this specific location on The planet because I would creep them Out even though that data exists here You don't want to say that just Personalize based on where they're Coming from on the internet can be Helpful and if you've run paid ads I Think you understand without me Explaining further the value of being Able to see the traffic on your landing Page in real time and being able to try To reach out and connect with them via The chat widget super powerful and I Have a bonus tip for you the sixth way Teddy is going to make you more money This year if you put the work in is by Checking out their case studies these Case studies are actual real people with Real businesses Who have used tidio To do what they explain in their case Studies and they go into great detail They can help you with inspiration to Generate ideas of how you can use video And they'll actually help guide you Through how to use tidio and its Features to grow your business which is What we're all here for right that's why You're watching this video and these are All real life case studies these are Real people doing real things

And if you read through these I can Almost guarantee you're going to get Some kind of inspiration some kind of Insight you can use to improve your own Business with tidio now that we've gone Over the five ways tidio can make you More money and even save you money in 2023 it's time to check out the pricing Page but there's a special link in the Description down below it's going to Take you to this page right here we've Negotiated a 20 discount off any of the Premium plans that tidio offers go to This page click on grab the deal you'll Have to create an account or sign into Your account then you click on upgrade And then any one of these or it says Right here 20 discount and any one of The premium plans you choose here you're Gonna see 20 off if I click on add to Order over here it shows promo code 20 Off if that's not showing up for Whatever reason when you go through the Link just use the discount code WP lab 20. And this applies to everyone Of the tibial plants And I'm pretty sure pretty certain this Is for life so that 20 off isn't just For the first year or the first month It's forever whether you do monthly or Annually annually it will save you more Because you save two months because of The price discount and you'll also save

20 so you save a whole lot more by going Annually but whatever one you choose is Up to you and before you hop into a paid Account you might want to try the free Account it's free forever you get 50. Live chat conversations 100 chat bot Conversations email support The ticketing system desktop and mobile Apps third-party app Integrations Visitor info and the JavaScript API you Probably wouldn't be using the API on The free account but it's there and this Is per month So you get 50 live chat 100 chatbot Conversations per month on the free Account so you try it out set it up for Your company see if it helps you see if You see potential using tidio which I Can almost guarantee you will if you try To use the tools how they're meant to be Used and apply them the way they're Supposed to be applied you're going to See great potential and then when you End up wanting to upgrade make sure Click that link down below to lock in Your 20 or just use this coupon code Either one works and then you'll have Tidio set up and running in your Business helping you earn more and save More so that's five great ways tidio can Make you more money this year and that's Not even all of it tidio can do even More for you all you got to do is check It out and see how it can fit into your

Business next up check out my other Channel right here which is all about Making you more money through software This is all about lifetime deals so if You like lifetime deals or you like Software and leveraging its power to Help you make more money in your Business check out this channel right Here it's one of my channels as well Just started it brand new May make sure You check that out if you haven't done So yet make sure you click subscribe and Ring the bell so you don't miss new Future videos until next time my name is Bjorn from WP learning lab keep crushing It and I will see you in the next video