How to Allow Users to Upload Images on a WordPress Site (Step by Step)

How to Allow Users to Upload Images on a WordPress Site (Step by Step)

Today i’ll walk you through how to allow Users to upload images on our wordpress Website and we’ll cover a few different Methods so you can pick the one that Works best for you so the first method We’re going to let users upload images Using a file upload form the form that We’re going to be using is wp forms it Is the best drag and drop form builder On the market to get started just head Over to Forward slash wpbeginner and you’ll get The best discount on wp forms once you Log into your account head over to the Downloads area so you can download the Form while we’re here let’s go ahead and Also copy our license key and we’ll head Back over to our wordpress dashboard From here we need to go to plugins add New and instead of searching for the Plugin let’s go ahead and upload plugin Now you can choose file to find the Plugin that you want to upload or if you Have it down here you can simply left Click and drag it like i’ll do Go ahead and click install now Once you install you also want to stick Around to activate the plugin as well Great now that it’s all activated we can Head over to wp forms and we’ll go to Settings so we can add our license key Just paste that in and verify the key All right we should get a success Message and now we’re ready to create a

Form we’re going to come up here go to Add new and for this one we’re going to Use these simple contact forms and from Here you can change everything about This what we want to do is most of this Is ready to go and it’s everything that We’re happy with we can scroll down on The left we’re looking for File upload and it will be under fancy Fields so i’m going to left click drag This over Where i want it to go and now we have This area that we can work with so i Want to change this from file upload to Maybe something like your photograph and From here you can choose the maximum File size the maximum file numbers that They can upload and you can also add a Description if you’d like now by default WordPress only allows certain file types To be uploaded for instance users won’t Be able to upload an svg image or a zip File unless you explicitly add them to The allow list for this let’s go ahead And just allow the major types of images A jpeg a j P e g A gif And a png I also want to decide the max file size We’re going to put five And the backs file number will be one And since this is like a photo contest Let’s go ahead and make that required

Great that looks pretty good and we’re Happy with all of the other fields that We have so let’s go ahead and click save Changes now we need to add the image Upload form to wordpress so we can come Up here and click embed And if you already have an existing page That you want this to go on you can Click that or you can create a brand new Page give it a name and let’s click Let’s go And now this will take us to the newly Created page and now you see that’s Pulled in quite nicely so we’re ready to Go let’s go ahead and click publish and View the page and now if your users try To upload something and they get an Error message like sorry this file type Is not permitted for security reasons That simply means that the WordPress is only allowing the certain File types by default like we mentioned The easiest way to do more file types That you want is to upload a companion Plugin and i’ll show you which one you Want to do so let’s head back over to Our dashboard we’ll go to plugins add New and for this one you just want to Search for the file upload types plugin This is also by wp forms to make things Easier and if you install this one and Activate it it’ll allow your users to Upload a few other file types so then You can go to settings file upload types

And then you can check off which Extension you want them to be able to Upload It won’t show the main ones that are Already set by default that you can Upload like a jpeg or png but if you’re Wanting to allow them to upload things Like a svg then you can go through here And select that from the list just pick The one that you want and go ahead and Save settings and then that will be Allowed method two allows users to Upload images as guest authors so a key Reason to let users upload images is if You’re collecting a guest post for Someone you could also use very similar Method for other user generated content Like maybe testimonials for this we want To add an additional add-on for wp form So let’s go to wp forms let’s go to Add-ons and from here we’re looking for Post submission add-on this is the one We want to install so we’ll go ahead and Install it and wp forms will install and Activate it for us okay now let’s go and Click add new and now we’re looking for Blog post submission form that we want To add this is the one we want so let’s Go ahead and use this template And as you see it’s reminding you that Additional both submission options will Be available in the settings panel so Let’s say okay and you see as you’re Scrolling through this has a lot of the

Default author detail type items so the Author bio post title post content this Will allow them to upload the feature Image excerpt and what category they Want this to go into scrolling through You can add more items if you’d like for Instance if you wanted to add a website Url For them to add their url address then You can do that and add that field down Here for the featured image area you can Give them specific dimensions that they Need and you can change that under the Description if you have specific Dimensions that they need to make the Featured image into and by default this Will also go up into the media library If you need to you can change it under Advanced to not have it stored in the Media library but because most featured Images are there you’ll probably want to Just keep that and as you see they Already show the allowed file extensions If you want only a specific file Extension you can adjust those as well Everything else looks pretty good so the Only other thing we want to do is we Want to go to settings Go to notifications to set up the Default notification by default the Send to email address or whoever will Get this will be the admin email for Your wordpress website if you want to Change that you can change that here and

You can scroll through and change the Subject line for instance i like Specific subject lines that change so That they all don’t look the same so I’ll change this and you can use smart Tags for this do the name for that and That will make it different every time You get an email that looks pretty good So we’ll click save and then the final Thing we want to do is go ahead and do Confirmation and this is what the author Or the person who’s submitting this will See you’re going to give them a message It just says simply thanks for Contacting us we’ll be with you shortly Or you can change it to show a specific Page maybe a thank you page you can even Change it to go to a specific url or Redirect them somewhere entirely Different than your site for this we’re Just going to keep the message just like That and just like with the other one we Want to embed this we’re going to Select an existing page since i did just Create one and just to show you how you Can do it with an existing page we’re Going to do that one that we just did It’ll automatically Bring over the old one so we want to Remove this one get the three dots Remove that block and from here i can Click on the plus Toggle block up here or the plus over Here

And we can search for wp forms That’s the one and now from the drop Down we need to pick the form we’re just Working on This one is it and that brings Everything in just nicely great now we Can update this and see it in action Great now people can upload as guest Authors And then the final method it will allow People to upload photos for a contest This is perfect if you’re trying to grow An instagram account or something like That or you want to do a giveaway by Gathering photos you can do this using Raffle press we have created a detailed Video on how to create a photo contest In wordpress using a raffle press you Can watch this video next as i walk you Through that whole process and i’ll see You over there

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