How To Build and Sell an API Without Coding!
How To Build and Sell an API Without Coding!

Video you will learn what is an API how To make money with apis and how to build An API without coding with no code tools So you can build an income stream with This API if you are ready let's start so What is an API or application Programming interface forget about these Terms it's simply a thing that allows Developers to communicate and connect With services or allow services to Connect between each other for example This is my mobile phone if I want to Post on Facebook or Twitter or any Social media platform I need to open the Application like Twitter write the tweet And post This is using the interface or the Twitter UI what if I am a developer and I want to access Twitter from my own Custom code like building my own social Media management software or script I Need something that allows me to ask Twitter and here it comes Twitter aepi The same for other services or maybe Connecting your website your WordPress Website with Facebook or Google or YouTube we need something a connector That connects these services and here With apis come it is a connector the Broker between services or developers And Services I think the idea is simple So you now How to make money or how to build a Business or an income stream with this

API what we are going to do simply we Have two main methods number one is to Build your own API and then you can sell It for developers or services so they Pay you on a monthly basis to access Your API or you can use apis to build Online tools or SAS services this Somehow Advanced I will keep it on other Courses and videos we will focus now on How to build and sell apis and what's Nice about this video today we are going To build an API without writing a single Line of code using only no code tools so What we will build last week I start a New series on how to collect data and Sell it online and I mentioned five Methods to make money with these data Files and number five was by turning These files into apis without coding They promised you to publish a full Video step by step on how to do this how To turn this data into an API without Coding and here we are this is the video Today so I will show you a real world Example on how you can turn a simple File of data into an API that you can Sell online so what data we have today And how we are going to turn into an API Let's see I have a collection of subject Lines I collected I showed you this Before here's a subject lines with a Score with some information so I have a List of subject lines working subject Lines that you can use to turn into an

API and by the way I turn this data into This tool remember one of the main Methods to make money with data is to Turn the data into a tool so this data This CSV file these subject lines are Now an online tool where anyone can Access with boosted IO I want now to Make this data available through an API So email marketers or maybe developers Can access this data from wrong or using My API so step one is to have this Simple CSV file on my desktop I will Simply download it As CSV and here we are I need only the Subject for now and the score to make Things simple delete so now we have the Average score on the subject line our Data is ready I will save it and now go To your browser and go to this website This website will allow you to build Apis without coding just get started for Free everything today will be for free You don't need to pay anything so please Follow up with us learn these skills Learn these techniques and if you want Later to scale you can buy a paid Account but for now it's free so follow Up and learn I will log into my account So this is my free account my testing Workplace and this is the main dashboard So the first step is to import our data Inside this platform to our dashboard go To database and then click here on ADD Table and simply here go to import and

Select a CSV file browse and then select My file I will call subject lines and Here you are you can see now the subject Line with the average score will appear Inside the dashboard upload and by the Way by the end of this video I will give You the sample data so you can test with If you want we have a date either now The subject lines and average score and We this is our table go back to database And you can see now we have a subject Lines table our data is on the platform Now we are ready to create the API to Read this data and give it through the API so I will go into API and simply Click add API Group I will call it Subject lines API anything and click on Save then click on ADD API endpoint like A function that we can call to get the Subject lines and I will start from Scratch to show you everything step by Step let's say Even rape subject line anything you want And then click on Save And here we are this is our endpoint Workflow we are building everything with This simple awesome tool step one is to Add user inputs so we can allow Developers or users who are using the API to search for subject Lines by Entering a keyword I will click on plus Icon I will say it's a text and then we Can say user input and then click on Save so now we have the user input we

Got the user input now what we will do In the function stack are going to click On plus and click on database requests We are going to go to the base and get Our subject lines so click here query or Records subject lines table and now we Are going to build a custom query we are Going to read custom data from the Database based on the user query we are Searching our table click on edit and Now add a condition simply it is subject Lines dot subject line we are searching Subject lines and then the operator is Includes so if the subject lines include The user input you can see super simple If subject line contains or includes the User input we will get it back click on Save and now save again and here we are We got the data click on publish and Let's say it's our first Publish look at the magic now click on Publish again and let's go back now and Click on this URL you can see API Group Base URL copy it and open it in your Browser you can see the API is already Hosted so everything is working Perfectly and ready to test generate Subject lines and this is the user input Query try it out I will say for example Top maybe we have something with top Execute and we have two subject lines Contain the word top or the letters t or P like you stop and here we have stop Also so we got two subject lines so the

API is working perfectly you can copy This API public API URL copy it in your Browser and we get the subject line so The API is working perfectly and it's Publicly available so we built it in Like couple of minutes and now we can Sell it on marketplaces like rapid API If you go into rapid API you can create An account and publish your API here as As I did with my domain Authority API I'm selling it now with a recurring Monthly membership so this is how easily We can build a no code API with your own Data anonymizer to build an income Stream online if you like to learn more About apis and learn some more secrets From my own experience you can check This video here if you have any Questions I'll be waiting for you in the Comments section below don't forget to Download the sample data and test this By yourself it's free go and learn this Test it and see you in the upcoming Videos