How To Change A WordPress Password (2023) 🔥 | FAST & Easy!
How To Change A WordPress Password (2023) 🔥 | FAST & Easy!

In this video, I’m going to be going over 
how to change a WordPress password step by   Step. Changing a WordPress password is a quick 
and easy process. By the end of this video,   You’ll successfully have your password changed. I’m going to be going over two ways to 
change your password in WordPress. Let’s   Get started. The first way is to head to 
the WordPress login page for your site.   You’ll see lost your password? If you need 
to change your WordPress password but you   Have forgotten it, this is an easy way to 
do it. Click the lost your password link,   And it’ll now ask you to put in your username 
or email address to send the password change.   Click the get new password button. You’ll 
now receive an email where you want to   Click the link they send you, and you can then 
change your password to whatever you’d like. The second way to change your WordPress 
password is in the WordPress admin dashboard.   I’m here in the WordPress dashboard. Up at the 
top right, where you see your username hover   Over this, and you’ll see Edit Profile. This 
will take you to your WordPress Profile page. Another way to get to this page is to 
Find the Users tab in the left-side menu.   Hover over it. Click profile. You’ll now be on 
the WordPress Profile page. Scroll down to the   Bottom of the page under the Account Management 
section. You’ll see New Password. Click the Set   New Password button. You can then input the 
new WordPress password you’d like to use when   Logging into your WordPress site. Click the update 
profile button to complete the password change. You’ve now successfully changed 
your WordPress password. That is my tutorial on how to 
change a password in WordPress. Give this video a thumbs up and leave 
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