In this single page website tutorial,   I’m going to be going over how to create a one 
page website step by step from start to finish. I’ll be showing you how to access professional 
pre-made WordPress website templates to make   Creating your one page website an easy process. 
No matter what template you want to use I’ll   Be showing you how you can easily turn it into a 
single page website. I’ll also be going over how   To create your one page website using one of the 
most popular drag and drop editors Elementor page   Builder so you can build a professional looking 
one page WordPress website via drag and drop. The great thing about this single page 
website tutorial is it is extremely easy to   Follow along with even if you have no experience 
in starting and creating a one page website.   At the end of this video, you will have your 
WordPress one page website successfully created. The first step I'm going to cover is 
how to choose and register your own   Domain name for free. A domain name is 
the name of your website. For example,   The website name for youtube is Step 2 I'll be going over how to choose a hosting 
provider. An easy way to think of hosting is it's   Like the physical storefront of your website. 
To have a WordPress website, you have to have   Hosting. Step 3 is going over everything WordPress 
and creating your WordPress website using   Professional pre-made templates and building your 
site using the most popular drag-and-drop editor. Let's get started with the one page 
website tutorial for beginners video. The first thing you want to do to create your site 
is to click the link in the description below to   Be taken to Bluehost so you can take advantage 
of our exclusive Bluehost discount, where you   Will be getting a free domain name and up to 
73% off web hosting for your WordPress website.   Make sure you click the link in the 
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easy process that makes creating a   WordPress website that much easier.
They provide 24/7 support via chat,   Email, and phone. And they have 
a 30-day money-back guarantee.   If, for any reason, you are unhappy, you can 
cancel and get a refund within the first 30 days. Once you click the link in the description 
below, you'll be on the Bluehost page.   Click the get started button. You'll now 
be on the Bluehost plans page. You'll see   Four different plans you can choose from. The 
Basic, Choice Plus, Online Store, and Pro Plan. You’ll see the Bluehost hosting 
terms you can choose from are 12  

And 36 months. You’ll get the $2.95 
pricing with the 12-month term. The Basic plan is a great plan if 
you are going to have just one site.   This plan comes with one 
website, and 10 GB SSD Storage. The Choice Plus plan allows unlimited websites and 
comes with 40 GB SSD Storage. The Choice Plus plan   Comes with free domain privacy, free automated 
backups for 1 year, and malware scanning.   Domain Privacy protects your personal information 
from the public and will show Bluehost’s default   Contact information instead of yours in the public 
whois database. The automated backup will backup   Your site daily and will allow you to restore 
your site to a previous backup with a click of   A button in case something happens to it like 
a website crash or an editing mistake. Malware   Scanning will scan your website for malware on 
your site and notify you if malware is found. The Online Store plan comes with 
unlimited websites, 100 GB SSD Storage,   And everything the Choice Plus plan comes with. 
This plan is good if you are going to have an   Online store as it comes with a bunch of extras 
like an exclusive store theme, store analytics,   And $450 worth of e-Commerce plugins for 
your online store like unlimited products,   Secure online payments, bookings and appointments, 
shipping labels, product search and filtering,   Gift cards, wishlist, and 
customer account creation. Something I want to note is you can 
have an e-Commerce site with the Basic,   Choice Plus, or Pro plan as well. You just won’t   Get the extra e-Commerce features the 
Bluehost online store plan provides. The Pro plan comes with unlimited websites,   100 GB SSD Storage, and features such 
as the domain privacy, daily backups,   And malware scanning. The Pro plan also includes 
a free dedicated IP and optimized CPU resources. With a dedicated IP instead of 
your site sharing the same IP   Address with others, you’ll have your own IP.
Optimized CPU resources is good for high-traffic   Sites or resource heavy sites. The Pro plan 
provides more speed and power for your site.   For most, the basic, choice plus, or online 
store plan is what you’d want to choose from.   You can always upgrade to the Pro plan as 
your site traffic grows to a high volume. I’m going to choose the 
Basic plan for this tutorial.   Once you decide on a plan to 
choose click the select button. You’ll now be on the domain page where you can 
choose your free domain name for your site.   You can type in and search available 
domains under the create a new domain.   If you already own a domain name you can enter 
it in where it says use a domain you own. If you can’t decide on a domain name you 
can click the create my domain later link   And you can choose your free domain name 
at a later date in the Bluehost dashboard.

Click next to proceed to the next step.   You’ll now be on the create your account page. 
You now want to input your account information. Next, is the package information section.   You’ll see domain registration free as well as 
the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate being free. Next, is the Bluehost package extras section.   What you see here can vary on the plan you 
chose as some plans come with some of these,   Or if you didn't choose a free domain 
name Domain Privacy won’t show. All of these Bluehost package extras 
are completely optional and up to you   Whether you want any of them or not. 
First is Domain Privacy + Protection.   I do recommend domain privacy + protection as 
it'll keep your personal information private so   That spammers and telemarketers won't have access 
to your personal information and contact you by   Phone and email with offers of their services. 
When you register a domain name no matter what   Company you choose the domain goes into the public 
whois database as domain names are regulated. If you select domain privacy + protection 
it'll show Bluehost’s default contact   Information instead of yours. Highly 
recommend domain privacy + protection. Next, is Site Backup also known as Codeguard 
Basic. This will backup your site daily and you   Can restore your site to a previous backup with 
a click of a button with their one-click restore. An example of where this package extra can 
be good is if your site gets hacked into or   You mess something up while creating it, 
or editing it you can restore it to the   Version right before whatever happened took 
place and everything will be back to normal. The next addon is Yoast SEO Premium. 
Yoast is the #1 WordPress plugin for SEO.   Something I want to note is Yoast SEO is a 
free plugin you can download in WordPress.   Yoast SEO Premium comes with additional features 
such as full access to Yoast SEO academy that   Helps you learn about SEO, 24/7 Premium 
support, it’ll save time and spot ranking   Opportunities with Yoast SEO workouts, prevent 
your visitors from ending up on dead links,   Content quality and link suggestions as you write 
your content, you can view your blog posts and   Pages as they would show on search engines and 
social media posts to help you optimize better. In my opinion, the Yoast SEO 
free version is all you need   As it is super helpful in guiding 
you to optimize your site for SEO. Next, you’ll see Single Domain SSL. 
Bluehost does come with a free SSL   Certificate for your site so this add-on 
isn't necessary unless you want to upgrade   To a Positive SSL Certificate which will 
allow you to show a site security badge   On your site if you'd like and with the 
positive SSL Certificate you'll have a   $10,000 limited guarantee warranty by 
Comodo which protects your customers.

Next, you will see Sitelock Security 
Essentials. This add-on checks your   Website daily for malware and protects your 
site from hackers and malicious attacks.   It will notify you if your site has been hacked 
into and malicious code has been placed into it.  Sitelock Essentials also 
removes malware automatically.   This add-on can be beneficial and 
give you peace of mind if your site   Were to get hacked into and malware is 
placed on it. It isn’t necessary though. The next add-on is Google 
Workspace Business Starter.   This package extra provides you with an email 
address ending in your domain name along with   Other features provided by Google workspace 
such as Gmail, calendar, chat, cloud storage   With drive, video conferencing with meet, and many 
more Google workspace features. I do want to note   That Bluehost does come with free email addresses 
ending in your domain name so this add-on isn't   Necessary unless you really want to utilize 
all the added features with Google workspace. Next, enter your payment information 
in and click the submit button.   Bluehost will now email you your Bluehost receipt. Next, enter your payment information in and click 
the submit button. Bluehost will now email you   Your Bluehost receipt. You are now directed to a 
page where you can create your Bluehost account   So you can login to the Bluehost dashboard 
where you can begin in building your site.   Click the create your password button. Enter a password to be used for logging into 
Bluehost. Accept the terms and conditions.   Click the create account button. Your 
Bluehost account has now been created. You’ll now be on this page where you want 
to click the create your website button. You’ll now be on a page where it’ll ask you 
how much help you need with building your site.   Feel free to click the one that you want.
You can also click skip this step.   I’m going to click skip this step. The next page 
it’ll ask you the primary purpose of your site.   You can select one if you’d like. If you click into the other tab a dropdown 
will show giving you more options.   Under this you can also click 
skip this step if you’d like too.   I’m going to click skip this step.
You’ll now be on the create a website page. You can select what type of website it is and 
who you are creating the site for if you’d like.   Click the continue button or skip this step.   You’ll now be on a page where you can name your 
site along with putting in your site’s tagline.   You can always fill this out later so no 
worries if you aren’t sure on this yet. Click continue or skip this step. You’ll 
now be on a page where you can select a   Theme for your website. There’s a bunch 
of pages of themes you can go through.  

You can also choose a theme in the WordPress 
dashboard. I’m going to be showing you pre-made   Professional WordPress themes you can use 
and create your site via drag and drop.   Feel free to choose a theme now if you 
see one you want or click skip this step. You’ll now be in the Bluehost dashboard. You’ll 
see the log in to WordPress button in the top   Right click this to go to the WordPress dashboard 
so you can start creating your WordPress site.   You can also click my sites in the left side menu.   Click manage site. Click the log in to WordPress 
button in the top right. You’ll now be in the   WordPress dashboard where you can begin in 
creating and building your WordPress site. Now we want to pick out a theme to begin creating 
a site. To pick out a theme for your site. On the   Far left, you will see tabs. Find the Appearance 
tab and hover over it. Click themes as this is   Where you can pick out a theme for your site.
Next, Click add new theme. You'll now see   WordPress themes you can choose from. There’s 
thousands of free themes to choose from. Now I want to show you how to access free 
professionally designed WordPress themes   And how to edit them easily with a drag 
and drop editor and how to make any of   These themes a one page website. 
Type in Astra in the search field.   Click the install button. Once it is done 
installing click the activate button. Once it is done activating the theme you want 
to find the plugins tab in the side menu.   Click add new. In the search field type in starter 
templates. You want to click install on it.   Then click activate. Hover over the appearance 
tab in the side menu. Click on starter templates.   You now want to click the build your website 
button. Choose Elementor for the page builder. It’ll now showcase a bunch of WordPress themes 
you can build your site with using drag and drop.   You can type in the type of website you want 
to create to pull up templates based on that. You’ll see a bunch of categories you can 
hover over and select to build your site.   If you click a theme it’ll show you what 
it will look like so you can preview it.  Click the x button to go back to the themes page. I’ll be walking you through the steps on how to 
make any of these templates a one page website.   Most of these templates 
link out to separate pages.   This can easily be changed as I’ll show you. Something I want to mention is any of 
these themes can be changed and edited   To what you’d like when creating your 
site. Just find a template you like and   Then you can start making it your own no 
matter what category the template is in. Now let me walk you through the steps on 
how to choose your theme and build your   One page website with the drag and 
drop editor Elementor page builder.   Select a theme you want. I’ll choose this 
one. You can upload a logo if you’d like.  

You can do this at a later time so 
if you don’t have one now no worries. Click the skip and continue button. You now want 
to choose the colors and font for your site.   You can update these at a later time 
or change them whenever you’d like.   Click the continue button. You’ll now be 
on the tell us a little about yourself.   You don’t have to fill this out if you 
don’t want too. Just make sure under   Advanced options you have each one selected. 
Click the submit and build my website button.  It’ll begin building your website. Once it is 
done you’ll be on the congratulations page.   Click the view your website button. It’ll now 
take you to your website and what it looks like. You’ll notice the template 
links out to different pages.   We will be changing this in this tutorial 
so the site is a one page website. Before we begin editing. We want to turn on some 
features in Elementor to make the editing process   Even easier and improve your site performance. 
Up at the top you’ll see your site title name.   Hover over this and click dashboard. Find the 
Elementor tab in the left-side menu and hover   Over it. Click settings. Click features. Select 
activate all. This will activate an easier editor   For creating your site along with performance 
features to help your site load faster. Now let’s go over how to make 
edits to the WordPress theme   And how to use the drag and 
drop editor to create your site. To make edits to your site click the edit 
with elementor tab on the top of the page.   It’ll now bring you to the drag and drop editor 
where you can create your site quick and easy. To make edits to a part of 
the page just click where   You want to make edits and start making edits. I can change A Wonderful Gift to My Demo Website. If you want to make edits to the background image 
right click on the section. Click edit selection.   Click style. Hover over the image and click the 
trash can icon if you want to remove the image.   Click over the image and you can upload a 
photo to place here or click media library   To upload images already uploaded in WordPress. I’ve uploaded an image into 
WordPress for this tutorial.   I’ll go ahead and select it to be uploaded. 
You’ll now see the image uploaded on the site. I’ll scroll down a bit on the page. You can select   What you want over on the left and 
drag it in wherever you’d like it. If you right click on an area you can delete it 
if you don’t want it. By right clicking you can   Duplicate something if you need to duplicate 
it. If you click the plus icon here at the   Top in the editor it’ll bring you back to 
the elements you can drag in to the page. You can drag something over to somewhere 
else on the page by selecting it  

And dragging it over to where you want it. I’ll drag a text into the page. 
If you click to edit the text,   You’ll be able to make edits to the text like make 
it bold, you can link out a text to somewhere. If   You click the settings icon you can choose to 
have the link open in a new tab if you’d like. If you click toolbar toggle it’ll give you more 
options like changing the alignment of the text,   Changing the text color, you can undo and redo 
changes here. If you click style at the top you   Can then make more changes to the text. If you 
click the pencil icon where you see typography.   Where you see Family from the dropdown you 
can select different fonts for the text.   Where you see Size you can 
change the sizing of the text. Next, let’s go over editing the button.   I’m going to click into a button. You’ll 
be able to change the name of the text.   You can link the button out to where you’d like 
it. If you click the settings icon next to the   Link. You can choose to have the link open in 
a new tab and make it no follow if you’d like.   You can change the alignment of the 
button, the sizing of the button.   Where you see icon you can select 
to not have an icon with the button.   Where it says upload SVG you can upload 
an icon. If you click icon library you can   View icons you can add to the button. You can 
change the positioning of the icon, and more. If you click into an image on the page. 
Click on the image to change the image.   You can change the image size,   The alignment, a caption if you want to include 
one, and link out an image if you’d like. If you scroll down to the next 
section and hover over the section   You can click the plus icon then click the 
plus icon showing again to add a new section   To the page. I’ll select this one. You can 
now drag in something over into the section.   If you click the middle icon with the 
dots you can then edit that section.   If you click the x button it’ll completely remove 
the section from the page. If you click into a   Section you can drag it up or down to move 
that section to somewhere else on the page. If you scroll down to the 
drag widget here section. If you click the Starter templates icon.   You can click blocks in the menu and then 
it’ll give you lots more page design ideas   You can choose from. Up at the top, you 
can select categories for blocks to show. I’ll choose a block to add to the page. I’ll click this one and then I’ll 
click the import button to import   It to the page to then start adding your 
own content and editing it how you want it. Now I want to cover the contact us 
form to show you how this works.  

I’m going to click the plus 
icon in the drag widget section.   I’m going to click a structure for 
the section. I’ll choose this one. I’m just going to drag over the WP Forms.   You can select a form. If you want to make 
edits to the form click edit the selected form.   You can click the create a new form if 
you want to create a new form. I’m going   To click edit the selected form. It’s now going 
to bring up the builder for the contact us form. You can hover over an area to delete it or 
duplicate it. You can click an area and drag   It to wherever you’d like it. If you want to add 
something you can drag it over from the side.   If you click Field Options you can click on a part 
of the form and then make changes from the side.   You can select to make this part of the form 
a required or not required part to fill out.   If you click advanced you can click the 
part of the form you want to change and   You can select between the size of the 
form field for that area and then change   If you want anything to show in the form 
field where they input their information. You can click preview to preview the 
form. Click save to save changes. When   You are done click the x button and you’ll 
be taken back to the editor for the page. Before we go over making your website 
a one page site and editing the menu   Let’s get to know the drag and 
drop editor Elementor better. You’ll see publish in the top right. Click 
this when you want to publish changes you’ve   Made to your site. If you click the arrow 
you can save the page as a draft or save   The page as a template to then use as 
a template for another page you create. To view changes you’ve made to your site click 
the eye icon and it’ll show you a preview of your   Site. If you click the desktop icon it’ll show you 
what your changes look like on desktop devices,   The tablet icon will show tablet devices, 
and the mobile icon will show mobile devices. If you hover over the site 
settings icon and click it   You can change things like the colors of 
your entire site, fonts used, and more. If you click the Elementor 
menu icon and click history   And then click revisions it’ll list out all the 
revisions for your site that it has pre-saved.   If you click one it’ll bring your site edits 
back to how they were at the time of that edit. If you click the Elementor menu 
icon and click manage website.   It’ll take you to the WordPress dashboard. Now let’s go over making your website a one 
page site. I’m back in the Elementor editor   For the page. The top section you don’t 
have to worry about linking in the menu.   I’ll scroll down to the next section. Hover 
over the next section and you’ll see the 6 dots.   Click this. You now want to click advanced. Where 
you see CSS ID type in the name of the section.

It’ll be different depending on what you have 
listed on your website. For this section,   I’ll name it testimonials. Next, click into 
the next section. Click the 6 dots at the top.   Click Advanced. Where it says CSS ID change it 
to what you want. I’ll change this one to events. You can keep moving down to each section of 
the page that you want to link to like about,   Services, contact or whatever 
is needed for your site. Once you are done make sure you click the 
publish button to publish your changes.  Click the preview button 
icon to preview your site. Now we want to replace the current menu tabs 
with new ones that link to each section we   Just created making our site a one page 
website. At the top you’ll see Customize.   Click this. We now want to click 
menus in the left side menu. You’ll see Menu and currently set to: 
Primary Menu. Click this. It’ll now   List out the current menu tabs. We want 
to remove all of them. I’ll click Home   And then I’ll click remove. I’ll do this 
for each one until they are all gone. You’ll see here at the top in the menu they are 
completely gone. Next, click the add items button.   You want to click custom links. Where it says 
URL you want to put a hashtag with the name of   The section you put in the CSS ID. For the first 
one, I put testimonials. I’ll put #testimonials.   The link text field you can put what you 
want the name of the menu item to be. I’ll   Put Testimonials. I’ll click add to menu. 
You’ll now see it showing in the menu area. Let’s add the next one. I’ll add #events. 
I’ll name it events. I’ll click add to menu.  I’ll go ahead and complete adding the rest of 
mine. I’ve now added the rest of them in. Click   The publish button to save the changes.
Now I’ll click each section in the menu   And you’ll see it’ll take me to each section of 
the page. Your site is now a one page website. Now let’s go over if you want a button on 
your site to link to a section on your page.   I’m back in the Elementor editor for the page. 
I’ll click the button. Where you see link you   Want to have a # and the name of the section you 
created like earlier in the tutorial. I want this   One to go to the about us section of the site. 
I’ll put #about. I’ll click the publish button. I’ll click the button. It now takes me 
to the about us section of the site. Now let me show you how to make 
edits to the footer area of your   Site along with uploading a logo, 
favicon, and other customizations. From the WordPress dashboard, if you 
hover over the Appearance tab in the   Side menu and click Customize 
you’ll be on the customize page.   Click the footer builder. You can then click 
an area in the footer area where you see the   Pencil icon to start making edits to 
that section over on the left side. If you click the plus icon you can then add 
whatever you’d like to the footer area in  

That section. You can then design things like the 
alignment, title, content, and link colors, title   And content font size, and more. You can click 
the x button to remove that area from the footer.   If you click the pencil icon here on the left-hand 
side you can then choose how many columns you want   Your footer to be. You can then click the plus 
icon to add sections to that part of the footer. I’m going to click the back arrow twice. If 
you click Site Identity you can then upload a   Logo and a favicon which is the site icon for your 
site. Click select site icon to then upload your   Site icon also known as the favicon for your site.
If you click site title and logo settings you can   Then change the logo to your own and make other 
customizations to the logo area for your site. From the WordPress dashboard, 
if you hover over the pages tab   Click add new to add a new page to your site. If you click all pages it’ll showcase all the 
pages on your site. If you hover over the media   Tab and click on library it’ll show you all 
the images you have uploaded in WordPress. If you click add new at the top you can then 
upload or drag in an image into WordPress. If you hover over posts and click add new 
you can create a new blog post for your site.   If you click all posts, it’ll pull up 
all the posts you have on your site. If you click the comments tab you will see 
all the comments you have on your blog posts.   You can easily reply, mark it 
as spam, or trash the comment. If you hover over the plugins tab and click 
add new you can then search for or browse   Plugins to add to your site. Any feature or 
customization you might want on your site,   More than likely there is a plugin for that. You now know how to access pre-made professional 
templates, how to create a one page website with   WordPress and making edits to it using the 
drag and drop editor Elementor page builder. That is my single page website 
tutorial going over how to create   A 1 page website for beginners step 
by step. If you have any questions,   Get in touch in the comments as I'm 
here to help you with anything you need. Give this video a thumbs up and leave 
us a comment letting us know if the   Tutorial was helpful or not as the 
comments help improve our tutorials.   Be sure to subscribe to our channel 
for more website tutorial videos.