How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress (2023) 🔥 | FAST & Easy!
How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress (2023) 🔥 | FAST & Easy!

In this video, I’m going to be going over 
how to create a duplicate page or post in   WordPress step by step. Duplicating a page 
in WordPress is a quick and easy process.   By the end of this video, you’ll successfully 
have your page or post duplicated in WordPress. Let’s get started. I’m here in the WordPress 
dashboard. Hover over the plugins tab in the   Left-side menu. Click add new. In the 
search field type in duplicate page.   We are going to install this one called 
duplicate page with over 2 million installs.   Click the install now button. Once it is 
done installing click the activate button.   Once it is done activating it’ll 
take you to the plugins page. You’ll see under duplicate page settings. 
If you hover over the settings tab in the   Left-side menu and click duplicate page 
it’ll also take you to the settings page   For the plugin. I’ll click duplicate 
page. Where you see choose editor. Click from the dropdown and you can select 
the page builder you are using on your site.   I’ll choose the gutenberg editor as I’m 
using the default editor for WordPress.   You’ll see draft here. I recommend keeping this 
setting to draft so the duplicate doesn’t get   Published live creating two duplicates being 
published. Click the save changes button. You can now click the pages or 
posts tab. I’ll click the pages tab.   If you hover over a page 
you’ll see Duplicate This. Click this on the page you want to duplicate. 
You’ll see the new page is duplicated as a draft.   If I click preview under the duplicated page   You’ll see the page is duplicated 
from the original page. You’ve now successfully created 
a duplicate page in WordPress. That is my tutorial on how to duplicate a 
page in WordPress for your WordPress site. Give this video a thumbs up and leave 
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