I Uploaded 140 Videos On Youtube And Made …

I Uploaded 140 Videos On Youtube And Made …

Last year I uploaded 140 videos to my YouTube channel and today I'm going to Show you exactly how much I earn not Only that but I'm going to show you a Hundred thousand viewed short video how Much that earned a video that averaged Over six cents a click if I don't fall Plus a video that got 319 000 views its first 18 days and how much Money that put in my pocket so if you've Got a small YouTube channel you're new To YouTube and you want to rake it in Big time this is the video to watch [Music] All right guys so today we're going to Talk about what you need if you want to Make a hundred thousand dollars a year Or more here on YouTube and as you can See here from these screenshots there's Lots of people making lots of money However according to Inc it says that Even Channels with 1.4 million monthly Viewers earn less than 17 000 a year and that would have us Thinking that there's really no way to Make a good living on YouTube but that Is where you would be wrong So today not only am I going to show you How much I made but we're going to get To the bottom of the truth of what it Takes to make money here on YouTube First let's start with the daily Averages of my channel last year we can See here that my best day on YouTube

Last year was 532.76 and while this isn't Earth-shattering income it does add up Really really fast so we're going to Talk about what it took to actually make That what kind of video I made what the Topic was and what the difference is Between a video that gets less than a Penny a click and one that makes a lot Of money and that brings us to our first Screenshot a short video I uploaded in October this video is one minute long Took me like three minutes to make it Got over a hundred thousand views and it Earned wait a minute what 7.92 but these guys are saying I'm gonna Get a thousand dollars a day or Seventeen thousand dollars just posting Short videos this guy says one short Video is going to make you 20 grand yeah I'd need to make like 2 000 videos to Get that kind of Revenue so let's talk About the truth of how all of this works So the first thing we need to realize is That YouTube runs on the Google AdSense Platform this is a platform that you see When you search Google and you see all Those ads so those advertisers are Paying money not only on the Google Search engine but they're also paying to Run ads on videos and the way these are Triggered are by keywords and topics So if you do a video about funny cats Obviously that topic is not going to

Make as much money from the advertisers As something about mortgages refinance Credit cards or something of a financial Nature and if you were to search on Google for the highest paying AdSense Keywords you're going to see a list of a Bunch of different keywords that pay Tons of money you can see here we have Stuff like web hosting credit cards Refinance checking your credit donating Cars legal stuff and on and on we go and These advertisers are paying a fortune To be at the top of Google and many of Those advertisers come over to YouTube And pay for traffic there as well now It's not going to be the same amount You're going to see on Google and you're Not guaranteed to get any amount but What this does is tells us that since The advertisers are paying more the Chances of them paying more on YouTube Are pretty high so that's why a video About mortgages that gets maybe a couple Thousand views could outperform some Short video telling a joke Oak that Makes a couple of pennies more about This in a little bit because the topics You create your videos about are going To be a huge Factor when it comes to how Much you're going to earn now remember I'm the affiliate marketing dude so We're going to talk about some other Ways to make money in addition to Monetization because if I just relied on

My video income alone I'd be stuck Making less than 10 percent of what I Actually earned last year so let's take A look at the next screenshot we could See that for 2022 this channel got 3.4 Million views and while relative to Other channels that's pretty small the Amount I made was actually a lot more Than one of my friends who got a half a Billion views so again this really does Hinge on the content you make the niche You're in and the length of each video And now for that video that got over 319 000 views in the first 18 days let's Take a look at what that made 319 200 View use almost 20 000 hours of watch Time adding six thousand subscribers to My channel this one rang up at a Whopping wait for it wait for it 2478 dollars wait a minute that's less Than one penny per view but still 2500 Bucks for making a nine minute video Not too shabby and now let's take a look At that video that averaged six cents Per view and a lot of you guys might be Thinking okay Marcus yeah this one Probably got like nine views but Actually we could see here it had almost 18 000 views eighteen thousand times 0.06 that's over a thousand dollars and As you can see here that's an RPM or Revenue per thousand views of 63 bucks That means if I can get this video to a

Million views at these current numbers It'll Bank sixty three thousand dollars Compare that with the average across the Board or they're getting two to three Thousand dollars for the same amount of Views again ladies and gentlemen this Has everything to do with your topic Your content like the video and how long You keep people watching and while the Total amount I made last year on YouTube Was just over ninety thousand dollars I Want you to remember that I made a lot Of money with other things having my own Website affiliate marketing building a Mailing list selling my own products and Services deliberately making videos About topics I know are going to drive Big ad revenue and of course being Consistent if you want to drive views And revenue here on YouTube what you Want to do is be consistent and go down The list of people that want info in Your Market if you're talking about ways To save money then find all the ways to Save money and try to include keywords In the topic coupons discounts credit Cards that have rewards different things Of that nature if you're a magician show All the different tricks you know how to Do or the different tricks that you want To perform or whatever it is if you're Doing art showcase your abilities and Skills if you're talking about Finance Do it in a way that's interesting and

Follow the path of the glossary method Where you go down the list of keywords And of course if you want to make one And of course if you want to make more Money using any of these methods check Out the videos in the description smash The like button and if you want me to Help you get more traction and make more Money make sure you subscribe and binge Watch my other videos

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