Make Money Home Job Side Hustle! [$128 Per Day] Copy And Paste

By | March 6, 2023
Make Money Home Job Side Hustle! [$128 Per Day] Copy And Paste

All right ladies and gentlemen today I'm Going to show you how to get money Simply putting labels on cans the soup Can industry is quite simply a monster With over 1.1 billion cans of soup sold Each and every year not only that but The amount of cans for other things is Simply astounding and while giant Companies like Campbell's Soup no Relation to me unfortunately simply Dominate the market there is a little Sub Niche that nobody's talking about Over here on Amazon Etsy and eBay and this is quite simply One of the easiest side hustle Work-at-home jobs you're going to find Anywhere so if you can put a label on a Can then I think you can make up to 128 A day or more watch this entire video And I'll show you exactly how it works And not only that but I'm going to show You step by step exactly what to do to Put money in your pocket the first thing We're going to need is a printable ruler I found this one free at printable Dash what we're going to do is cut Our ruler out Don't worry if you can't cut straight Foreign Remember size does match we're gonna Need to figure out the size of the can By using our printable ruler right here I could see we're at 10 inches next We're going to measure the length of the

Label that comes in at 3.75 inches then We just go over here to Microsoft Word Like this we're going to go ahead and Open a new document then we're going to Go over to Layout size then more paper sizes and We're quite simply going to put in the Size of our label right here then click OK this is now going to give us a Template that we can use on our label That perfectly fits our can or you could Search Google for soup can label Template and you can even use canva to Design a label here you can see they Have sugar and salt labels some kind of Apricot label and on and on we go then We simply use to find some Images for our soup label I like but you can use any free Clipart Service as well now we'll just Go ahead and download our image as a JPEG PNG or GIF any of those formats Will work just fine I'm going to choose PNG because it tends to be a little Clearer simply drag and drop our image Right here into our document add some Text right like this fancy up the font a Little bit right like this and then Print your label then if everything was Done correctly you can take your label Right like this And put it right on the can make sure You try to get it straight as possible Might take a few tries if you pull it

Tight it makes it a little bit easier Then it should line up perfectly if You did everything correctly and you can See over here this is where I have my Empty cans Right like this these only cost me about 50 to 60 cents each over here I have Some sample labels printable labels Sizing and everything and over here is Where I'm going to get the orders print The labels to put on the cans to ship Out so that I can make money like Patrick over here now it's time for a Little magic because what we want to do Is take this can that I got for less Than a dollar take the label that cost Me about 20 cents and turn it into Something I can charge 6 8 10 or even Fifteen dollars for in order to do that We need a little bit of creativity but If you're not creative don't worry we're Gonna ask chat GPT for some ideas as you Can see here I asked for all different Kinds of funny soup names mystery meat Stew bubble bath broth and on and on we Go I actually got close to a hundred Different ideas four different Soup cans And if you're thinking Marcus do I need To print out thousands of labels and Hope that someone orders these cans No In fact this is just like print on Demand once you get an order then you Print it it's super easy you can see Here I have different funny can labels

For instant happiness elixir of Life Secret Sauce liquid courage mystery meat The can of whoop hillbilly stew Dehydrated water some kind of unicorn And more apparently dehydrated water is Pretty popular and according to the Ahrefs free keyword tool over 7 300 People a month are looking for Dehydrated water and we could see here This guy's got over 2300 reviews on his Dehydrated water and he's selling it for Like 15 bucks and it's literally A can of nothing And if we use a tool like jungle Scout We can actually see estimates of what He's earning over here we have Dehydrated water 16 Ounce 11 000 a month putting labels on cans Here's another one making 400 a month 460 bucks a month and on and on we go we Can even open up a can of whoops as we Can see here thirteen hundred dollars a Month Eight hundred dollars a month two Hundred and thirty dollars a month 129. These people are laughing all the way to The bay and you can see here people are Doing this with different can coolers Different types of cans jokes Novelties Hey there's an idea what if you have a Label that said hold my beer that's Pretty popular now of course we're going To want to make sure that we pay close

Attention to how this works as a Business number one don't do any Trademarked or copywritten stuff number Two remember the results are not typical Implied or guaranteed well some people Are making like eleven thousand dollars A month with these things the average Among would be money makers is zero so Take it with a grain of salt realize That this is a business and that some People are making a good living with it The key is going to be in creativity and How you promote it simply putting a can With a label on Amazon or Etsy might get You a few sales which is good you can Make some extra money or even make a Full-time living but if you want to make A a bunch of money the key isn't how you Promote this as you can see here on Tick Tock there's tons of people with like Prank cans and different things like That they're also reviewing different Things about Soup cans so you can use Social media to promote your new can Idea make it something good and laugh All the way to the bank we saw this Happen years ago when I was a kid and Roadkill Grill shirts were all the rage Because people were laughing about him He also had like big Johnson and other Types of funny shirts that sold like Crazy and while all these side hustle YouTubers think that print on demand and All this stuff is new it's simply been

Around since the dawn of time and if you Want to make money online pay attention To what people are searching for Different trends that are going on Promoting on social media listing these On Amazon and Etsy and putting money in Your pocket I gotta sweep all this up smash that Like button if you appreciate all the Work I put into these videos and check Out the links in the description to Learn how to make even more money