Make Money With ChatGPT And Google Maps – ($29,797) With Proof

By | March 10, 2023
Make Money With ChatGPT And Google Maps – (,797) With Proof

All right so the first thing we're gonna Do is go in here and circle all the Little Creeks it's very important There's one there here's a big one right There this one over here and we have This big long one right here this is the One we're gonna focus on then we just Take the prospector and put him right Over here by the creek today I'm going To show you how to make money with Google Maps chat GPT Ai and other Programs Laughs There's a creek down there and don't Worry you're not going to have to go out In nature I just want to illustrate a Point of how easy it is to make money With Google Maps and chat GPT hey wait a Minute is this some kind of Scam actually no and I have proof this Is based on the fact that people search Google for lots of different things Including hotels where to find gold when Different stores are open hotels that Accommodate pets and pretty much Anything you can imagine and as you can See here lots of those searches bring up Google Maps and if I search for how much Money Google made last year we can see They did over 279 billion dollars but How do they get that money well if you Were to search Google for Disneyland Tickets you're gonna see two sponsored Listings right at the top these two

Websites are paying Google lots of money To show up at the top of the search Engines and if you were to search hotels Near me scroll to the bottom you're Gonna see a sponsored result that means This company is paying Google to get in Front of people looking for hotels and Last year I put this method to the test Only back then we didn't have chat GTP Or AI or anything to make this process Easy so I actually had to make a manual Post however you can see over one year Later if you search for hotels near Cotton-Eyed Joe's Knoxville Tennessee my Website is showing up Right here in the top search results and Since people actually search for this Keyword and Advertiser is actually Paying for the traffic this is a super Simple way to make money Foreign Solid gold so if we were to go to Google Maps right like this and type in hotels And then find our local airport which For me is Orlando we could simply find All the hotels that are in or around the Orlando Airport area now why is this Important because if we Google hotels Near airports you're going to see tons And tons of sponsored listings and then You're also going to see other sites That are ranking for these types of Keywords right here we can see concert hotels that's Ranking for concert hotels and on and on We go now to take a look at these sites We can see that this one here has over a Million keywords in Google we could see That they rank for JFK Airport Terminal 4 MX Platinum Global airports American Airlines status and all kinds Of things related to hey wait a minute Hotels with kitchens near me 14 000 Searches a month all right I'm getting Ahead of myself and if we isolate his Keywords to just ones that show hotels We can see almost 25 000 different rankings for all different Keywords related to hotels we can also See according to similar Webb he's Getting over 4.8 million searches a Month his annual revenue is estimated to Be like 5 million dollars and its Content is just about hotels all right Great but what does this have to do with Chat GTP well I think it's pretty Obvious that you're probably not going To make two million dollars a month or Five million dollars a year or something Like that but what you can do is take a Keyword like hotels with kitchens go to Your keyword Explorer and again if you Need a free keyword tool check out the Hoth or the ahrefs free keyword tool We're going to type hotels with kitchens We're going to say that the difficulty Is pretty much not non-existent this

Means you can rank at the top of Google Super quick then we're going to find the Ones for a geo location area something Like hotels with kitchens Los Angeles or NYC or San Diego and what we're going to Do is focus on ranking something very Specific and if I could make content Just about hotels with kitchens or Hotels near a certain airport or like This guy's doing concert he's Going for all different types of hotels Near concerts and me and my wife love Going to concerts and often times we Need to stay at a hotel so this is a Site that would actually be helpful for Us as you can see he's got 177 000 Visitors a month for a total traffic Value of like two hundred and ten Thousand bucks a month and according to Similar web we can see he's got 242 000 Visitors a month and his estimated Revenue is pretty darn high but what Does that have to do with the prospector Well I'm going to get to that in just a Minute including a shortcut you can use To make tons of money with this but First I'll give you a little teaser if You didn't want to go to the hotel route I want you to know that there's lots and Lots of other routes that you can use For the Google Maps chat GTP method Right here we could see that gold Panning is very popular and lots of People are looking for where to go gold

Panning and gold mining and where to Find the buried treasure Solid gold this is actually a pretty big Market and surprisingly there's lots of Money in it so let's say we're going to Use something like hotels near Port These are people that are looking for Hotels near a port most of them are here In Florida and the reason they want them Is because they're going to go to a Cruise the next day so they need to stay Overnight so what we want to do is find Something that's very friendly for them Like hotels near Miami cruise port or Best hotels near Port St Lucie or Whatever it is and we could see that There's lots and lots of people Searching for this stuff we can also see That there's tons of people over here on YouTube that are literally just talking About hotels and cruises and things like That and some of them are making a lot Of money if they're following one tip That was revealed earlier in the video But I didn't really mention it yet so Stay tuned for that now we got all these People making content you might be Saying well Marcus I'm not a cruise buff I don't know about hotels I don't know How to pan for gold how do I make money With this well what you're going to do Is come over here to chat GPT right like This and we are going to say find me Hotels

Near Port Canaveral Enter It's going to go through and find me Hotels that are near Port Canaveral now Anyone can do this this is basic stuff It'll get you some rankings most likely However what we're going to do is Something very important now that it Found the top five hotels I'm gonna say Now list them by pricing And distance to the port boom right like This it's going to show me the prices And the distance to the port there's a One mile five minute the Radisson is Less than a mile and we can see exactly What's going on now we can even go Deeper into this if these people have Special needs like maybe they're like Hey now find hotels with the same Criteria And prices and distance But only dog only pet friendly Hotels boom now we're gonna find ones That are pet friendly now this is just An example because oftentimes you Probably can't take your pet on a cruise But this is going to give you an idea of What's working out there and how you can Use AI programs to make this work in a Very simple way without doing a lot of Work your job is to Simply prompt the AI To come up with content based on what People are searching for and then you

Post it on a website now if you don't Want to have your own website you could Do this using Google Sheets or Google Sites or a free blogging platform However I highly recommend getting your Own website and your own domain that way You're building on a property that you Own and you can actually do this over at for less than a hundred Dollars a year and you can have as many Sites as you want over on one Hosting Account so it's actually very easy then All I need to do is take this content Copy and paste it onto my blog right Like this and then make sure I title my Blog something that is searched for Quite a bit it's very important that When you do this you're going to want to Drill down a little bit deeper so we're Going to do hotels near Port Canaveral We're going to take that and put that in Its own search to get the words that are Related to Port Canaveral only and you Can see there's a lot of them then we're Going to take one that looks really easy And is info based by info based I mean Something like hotels near Port Canaveral cruise port with free shuttle That's something that's very specific That chat GTP can help us find and it's Something easy to rank for because it's A very specific term that not a lot of Other sites are going to be pointing out They're not telling you about the

Shuttles they're just telling you about The hotels now while Expedia and other Big companies like Travelocity are Making fortunes doing this on a broad Scale that's not to say that I can't use This method and make it work and make a Living for myself all I got to do is Title this the keyword that works best Then put the content and I would also Want to put links and different things Like that that way they can find the Hotel and one of the methods we're going To use to make money this isn't the Biggest one but this is important we'll Get to the others later is to become an Affiliate of residents in home Suites La Quinta and different things like that That way you are paid a percentage when They book their hotel from a link on Your website and it's actually very easy You don't need to have like a search box You simply get the link that LaQuinta or Whatever Hotel provides you and you're Just going to put that right here you Would say something like click get rid Of the three right we'll say something Like click here to book the Homewood and Then you would just highlight it right Like this go up here and you would put Your affiliate link right in here and Using affiliate links has made me Millions of dollars over the last 23 Years as an affiliate marketer now once We do that we're going to go ahead and

Wait to see if the site ranks and often Times it will just like the one ranked For her hotels near Cotton Eye Joe's It's actually not that difficult to do And we're going to link to the things That make us money now some of the other Stuff we're going to do is use chat GTP To kind of refine results and look at What people want we can do something Like find 10 hotels Near Epcot That have Pet sitters right this is one where like Hey you want to bring your pet you're Gonna go there now what we can do is we Can take a look at this and it's going To say okay maybe I can't find them and Then we could do something like oh Actually it did find him so it said it Can't but it did so there you go right And we can go through and get a list of Pet sitters or something like that or we Could go through and say now tell me the Ones that are Pet friendly that way if you want a pet Sitter while you go to the park and then You want your pet to be in the hotel After then you know everything's gonna Be good people love to travel with their Pets and so do I I mean my dog's pretty Friendly but we're gonna go through and Then say Now list now show the average Price Per night and distance

To Epcot Boom there we go now we can see not only Are these hotels super expensive but we Get a really good list of what's going On and now ladies and gentlemen for the Piece they resist the aunts that is Going to make you lots of money Disclaimer results not typical implied Or guaranteed the average person trying To make money online makes nothing Foreign Put these on your blog you can make Money by linking to the hotels as an Affiliate that's fine that's great That's wonderful but one of the ways That these people are making lots of Money is by using travel affiliate Programs and also going through and Doing travel rewards credit cards travel Rewards credit cards are a great way to Talk to your audience and say hey look The hotels are twenty three hundred Dollars a night or whatever it is what If you got a travel credit card that Gave you discounts and rewards and cash Back on your travel needs and this is Something that I do all the time when I Run ads on Google and Yahoo and other Search engines I use a credit card that Gives me rewards and I get free Vacations which is really cool or free Flights or whatever it is and this is Something that appeals to the audience But other people don't really think

About I'm going to talk more about this In an up and coming video so smash the Like button and subscribe so you get That one but then what we're going to do Is start to build our site around all of This stuff and a little shortcut that I Like to use to make this really fast is To buy domain names at auction so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go over To like GoDaddy auctions or something Like that and I could search for domains On auction using a keyword like hotels Right like this and this will show me All the different domains that are Available using the word hotels like This one best five star hotels and on And on we go now what I want to do here Is actually use a tool that I have over At this is my domain Extractor so what I'm going to do is Come over here to The Domain page on GoDaddy auctions I'm going to hit Ctrl a To highlight everything on the page then Ctrl C to copy it then I'm going to Paste all of this in here by hitting Ctrl V I'm going to hit submit and it is Going to scrape just the domains so that I can run these in my keyword tool right Like this and find out which ones have Rankings already and you can see here There's tons of different domain names That are for sale that have rankings in Google like this one for drones we can See ranks for all different kinds of

Words actually like 2300 words that are Related to drones so you could sell Drones as an affiliate or whatever it is You could even be a drop shipper if you Want to and this is exactly how I found The domain that we were talking about Earlier which is why this video is about The prospector and mining for gold is Because I found which is A domain that ranked for all different Things like where to sell gold where to Buy gold where to find gold and on and On we go where to look for gold with a Metal detector where to sell gold Sifting for gold and on and on we go so This domain actually already ranks for Lots of these keywords which means that I can go through and use AI to create Content for this to create content for This Niche I could literally go through And say where are the best 15 places to Pan for gold in the USA it's going to go Through and write all the content that I Need but oftentimes you're going to see Like this it's actually really generic So what I can do is actually say now Please narrow Down the best cities in each state for Gold mining Okay it's not gonna do that so let's see If we can tweak it and get a better Result what are the most popular Cities In the USA to

For gold Panning boom Now it's going to give us a very Detailed list about exactly what we want This is content that I wouldn't mind Putting on my website because it Actually helps the viewer and to make Money I can sell metal detectors I could Be an affiliate of different gold buying Operations I can do hotels near these Places I can show them where to buy and Sell gold the sky is literally the limit And as you guys can see this stuff works The reason Google makes so much money is Because so many people are searching Each and every day however that might Change because just recently Bing Announced that with the addition of chat GPT which actually just showed up on my Phone this morning they got over a Hundred million new users so we're going To want to keep an eye on this but if You want an easy way to make money you Can use chat GTP Gptg chat AI to actually create content Based on these specific Google Map Searches that people are doing you don't Need to be a big map educator or Anything like that all you need to do is Narrow down pets with hotels near this Concert hotels think specific think About the viewer think about how you can Make money and check out the videos in The description to learn more about this