NEW 10web’s ChatGPT-Powered AI Website Builder – Builds A Full Website In Seconds!
NEW 10web’s ChatGPT-Powered AI Website Builder – Builds A Full Website In Seconds!

There's a good chance that this video is Going to blow your mind in this video I'm going to show you the new AI Builder That 10 web has built into its systems With a few text inputs it's going to Build an entire website for you it's Going to be inside 10 Webb's version of Elementor Pro so you can easily Customize it to fit your needs or your Clients needs and have the website out The door in no time at all hey what's up Everyone it's Bjorn from WP learning lab Or every single week I try to publish Videos for bloggers business owners Content creators to help you guys make More income online if you like that kind Of thing please make sure you subscribe And ring the bell so you don't miss any Future videos if you want a shout out Just like you see in the video right now Take a selfie of yourself watching this Video post it to Instagram and tag me And then get a shout out just like this On a future video and as always there Are timestamps down below this video Because I value your time and all my Videos come with a no fluff guarantee Less talking more doing and let's get Started for us to use the new AI Builder We first have to add a website to our 10 Web account so let's go to create a Website once the short form is filled Out with this basic information click on Create and this just takes a few minutes

To install I'll fast forward the video To make it go a little faster There we go it's installed and we got Our speed test here it's super fast it's Also just a blank WordPress site Currently if we go and look at it let's Click right here to open the website And this is all it is just blank but It's still there it's still a website It's still loading it's still super fast At this point so to use the new AI Builder just click on AI build it right Over here in case you don't know how we Got into this section click on manage on Any one of the websites you have Installed on 10 web and then go to AI Builder and then click on generate in The top right and then click on got it In a previous video I showed you another AI Builder 10 webcast which is still Functional and you can still use it and This AI Builder allows you to give it a URL to a web page it then recreates that Web page inside a 10 web using Elementor Elements that you can then edit to your Heart's content that still works now This Builder we're looking at today is a Little bit different we're going to give It a bunch of information about our Business or our client's business and It's going to create it from scratch so Instead of copying the content on your Url 10 web is now using AI to create Full websites from scratch so let's get

Started first we choose a business type Digital agency advertising Club venues Event production there's a whole lot In here I'm just going to use the very First one digital agency click on next I'm going to call this company repurpose Media which is actually a company I'm Thinking of starting and the description I'm going to use we help businesses Influencers coaches and content creators Repurpose their content to improve their Reach Online we want to make this at least 100 Characters and to get better results add More detail I'm just going to stick with What I have here click on next Now we're going to add our services or Features these are actually the services That would be part of the company I'm Thinking you're creating the first one Is creating engaging shorts and reels From long form video the second Distribute shorts and reels to social Media platforms third service create Blog posts from long form video click on Next when you have those filled out and If you have more services in that don't Worry we can add them later on once the Pages are built you can fill out these Company details here but they are Optional these will be used for the Contact page It's going to add an email address click On next the tone of voice of the content

I'm going to choose informal you can Also choose formal if you want click on Finalize and now the 10 web AI is going To build a bunch of pages for us which We're going to check in just a minute I'm going to fast forward again this Only takes a minute or two and I'll fast Forward and I'll meet you back here in Just a bit and it's all done your Website was successfully generated with AI preview and edit here's all the pages I made home about Services contact and Some blog post Pages I'm going to click On preview and edit it'll take us to the Home page And then from there we can navigate to The others and this is built inside of 10 Webb's custom version of Elementor Pro so all these elements are all Elementor elements and you have all the Elementor Pro features and to navigate The website structure Just click up here and you can choose The different pages it created including Inner pages and other Which currently are just templates Single template and service template so Let's just take a minute and go through And see what exactly the AI Builder Built for us and I think I quickly Realize this is pretty darn slick so the First thing we have to remember is the Only information we entered is what we Just filled in in the form previously

All the other content is created using AI so this headline we didn't write this Headline in the form 10 web used AI to create a sample Headline repurpose your content ignite Your reach I might change this to Let us repurpose your content ignite Your reach exclamation So you can go through and customize all These things and of course it's Elementor based so anything you can do In Elementor you can do in here If you use Elementor before you probably Recognize the layout and the structure And how the widgets appear Revamp your online presence expand your Reach with repurposed media the go-to Solution for businesses influencers Coaches and content creators looking to Repurpose their content that sounds Pretty good to me Featured in These logos here obviously these have to Be replaced if you're not feature Anywhere currently just remove this Section By clicking on a little X there just Like an Elementor our services these Images are created by ai ai is not great With titles so they probably fed in the Name of our service and then it output This image with this text and the text Is gibberish on all of them but that's Not 10 Webb's fault that's the image

Generators because they can't really do Text on images for whatever reason at The moment but the written text is Pretty solid shortify your content boost Your engagement get your long form video Content transformed into fun and Engaging reels and shorts that will Captivate your audience's attention You can read these descriptions really Quick just pause the video you're going To see that they're pretty awesome these Descriptions these read more links are Links I'm just going to scroll up a Little bit if you look at the inner Pages shortify your content boost Engagement you might recognize that as Being this title right here Vid to blog let us write is the second One shortify your content boost Visibility is the third one so these Link to other pages on the site already Linked for you But you will need to customize Especially the images but the text as Well to fit exactly what you need but This saves you from having a blank page With nothing to work with Some bullet points features content Repurposing services for businesses Influencers coaches and content creators Improved online reach through repurposed Content customize repurposing strategies Tailored to your clients needs If I read through the rest of these I'm

Sure they're going to be equally awesome It's our team section obviously these Will have to be changed I assume Jimmy Morrison and Annie Hofstetter these would probably have to Be changed but at least it gives you a Placeholder and an area to do this super Quickly Happy customers testimonials section Subscribe to our newsletter this is not Connected to anywhere currently you'd Have to connect this to whatever you're Using for your newsletter provider If you go to the services page it is Those services that we have on the front You can just copy and paste the section From the home page so if you customize It on the home page just copy it to here So you have to redo your work Happy customer testimonials again and The footer Go to the about page I have a mission Statement and again I didn't write this 10 web had a I read it at repurposed Media we're on a mission to Revolutionize The Way businesses and Individuals Market their content online We believe in the power of repurposing And creating value from existing content Helping our customers expand their reach And impact we strive to be a trusted Partner in their Journey towards success In the digital world that's a pretty Good mission statement I'd say

And the our team section and the happy Customer section is the same as on the Home page If we go to contact it's created a Simple contact page for us had we Entered an address this would be Localized that address And we entered a phone number this would Be our phone number there is the email That we entered the inner pages are Specific to our services so here's that Image again just in larger format And this is presenting it as a course Whereas this is a service that we'd be Creating Bullet points where you're going to Learn or what we provide as the service Use your testimonial Pretty slick These other two are going to be pretty Similar in the way they're laid out Image Description Key Concepts testimonial newsletter in The footer Be the same for this one And I gotta say I'm super impressed with How the AI just took our short Description and built all these pages of Course you can use an AI tool to create These bullet points you can use an AI Tool to create this description you can Use an AI tool to create this image but Do you have a place where you can just

Enter a few details and it lays out an Entire website for you I don't think you do you might there is Some software out there that provides That service but now it's built right Into 10 web and 10 web provides so much Other stuff as well you never call my Recent video in the 10 web Speed Booster You might also recall my recent video About the 10 web integration with Cloudflare Enterprise so many features That you need including a version of Elementor Pro custom built into 10 web There's everything you need to build and Manage your websites your clients Websites and now this AI Builder build Them super easily and if you go to the Pricing page you'll see it's quite Reasonable one website ten dollars a Month this includes your hosting so You're not hosting it somewhere else Where you might pay this much or more For hosting your site anyway here you Get everything included all the things It is mentioned plus the AI Builder and Makes your life really easy three Websites 24 bucks a month agency 10 Websites 60 bucks a month that's billed Annually build monthly is double the Price say 50 by going annual but now With a coupon code that I have for you You can click on buy now for any of These options and have promo code over Here

Enter in WP learning lab 10. click on Apply that'll save you ten percent off Of the cost and I believe this goes on In perpetuity as long as you're a Customer so Not huge amount of savings but still Savings right you might as well take the Savings where you can get them and this Coupon code is in the description down Below so you can copy and paste it from There or you can just remember WP Learning lab and the number 10 Afterwards and you get 10 off of any Plan that you choose so if you want AI To help you build websites quickly and Easily in 10 web like the one you see Right here obviously it has to be Customized to your clients needs but It's super simple and super easy and all The linking is already done between all The content that's created it's really Slick so if you want to check this out Check out my coupon code or create a Free account with 10 web try it out First and then use my coupon code to get The 10 off next up check out this video Right here which is going to show you How to replicate Pages using the tandem Webs AI rather than building new ones Using the AI like we saw just now this Is going to replicate existing Pages for You and then check out the video down Here which is going to show you how to Integrate 10 web with cloudflare

Enterprise Both those videos are great so make sure You check them out if you haven't done So yet click subscribe ring the bell so You don't miss new future videos till Next time keep crushing it and I will See you in the next video