Step-by-Step Strategy I Use to Drive 1 Million Visitors to My Blog Per Month

By | March 4, 2023
Step-by-Step Strategy I Use to Drive 1 Million Visitors to My Blog Per Month

The step-by-step strategy I use to drive over a million
blog visitors a month. My blog gets well over a
million visitors a month. Heck, I actually get over
4 million visitors a month. In other words, I have a lot of traffic. Now, I'm not going to promise you You're going to get 4 million visitors Or anything crazy like that, But this strategy is a
strategy I use to get Over a million visitors a
month, and you can use it too, And I'm going to break
it down step by step. Now, the part I'm not going
to break down in this strategy Is writing content because I
assume that you have content. If you don't have content, You're not really going
to get any traffic. So let me start off. Step one, optimize for the
best quality pages out there. Look, if you have a blog, you'll find That most of your pages get
very little to no traffic. I want you to go into
Google Search Console And look at all the pages that get little To no traffic from Google over
the last 30, 60, and 90 days. Now, look to see which one Of these posts are
irrelevant, outdated, or old, Or just no longer need to be there. For example, if I had a blog
post talking about MySpace, No one uses MySpace anymore. I can delete that. If I had a blog post talking about Vine, No one cares about Vine anymore. Twitter pretty much crushed Vine. It no longer exists. The point I'm getting is
take all your old content That isn't necessary and just outdated

And no one's going to care
about it in the future Even if you updated it,
and delete those pages And 301 redirect them to
the most relevant page. If you don't have any relevant page To redirect them to, do a
301 redirect to the homepage. The next thing I want you to
do is look at all the pages That are really old and
that need to be updated, And if they're fresh, they would do well. So within Google Search
Console, compare your current Traffic, last 30 days, to
your traffic a year ago For those pages. You can see, when you do a comparison, Which pages have lost a
known amount of traffic. Those are the pages that need updating. See, whenever you do a Google
search, you probably notice That Wikipedia continually ranks, why? It's not because they
have tons of content. Yes, that's part of the
strategy, but the real reason why They crush it when it comes
to their Google rankings, They keep updating their pages. They're continually fresh
more than most sites Because so many people
participate and help keep The content up to date. You need to do the same
with your site, not in a way Where other people can
update your content. I'm talking about more
so in a way that helps Keep your pages fresh. So look at the pages that
lost the most traffic, Look at what terms they were ranking for. Google Search Console
tells you this, and go type Into Google, see all the
other people ranking, See what they're doing
that you're not doing. Look at your page. Then go, hmm, what do
I need to do to provide

The best experience for a user? And do that. Update the content, So it's just so amazing
that people want to read it And that'll cause your
rankings to go back up. And you should think about, hey, What pages should you keep updated On an annual or semi-annual basis, Because they constantly
change for that topic And that way, users find it more valuable. The next thing I want you to
do is combine related pages. See if you have five blog posts on SEO, One's on the beginner's guide to SEO, One's on how to get started with SEO, One's on SEO basics, One's on the newbie's guide to SEO, And one is on what you should
do if you want to learn SEO. Those are five topics around SEO. Do you see similarities with those topics? They're all pretty much on the same thing. Google wants you to combine pages That are on the same topic
because if you have five pages On SEO that talk about the same thing, Like how to get started
with SEO or how it works, Google's not sure which one
to rank for the term SEO. So instead, when you combine these pages Into one more detailed
page and you 301 redirect All the other ones that got
combined into the main one, You're more better off Or more likely to have way more
traffic and better ranking. A old-school company called, which split off At the time I think into
five or six different sites Did this strategy and their
traffic went through the roof. They deleted a lot of content.

They also combined a lot
of similar content as well. The next strategy I have
for you is outreach. Every time you write a blog
post, if using stats and data, You cite your sources, you
link out to those sites. I want you to head up all the
people that you linked out to And ask them to share your
content on the social app. Don't ask them for a backlink. It's very rare that they're
going to link back to you But it's much easier for them
to just click the share button Because you promoted their business And that will help you
get more traffic as well. The next step is collect a email address. Every time someone is on
your blog, when they exit, Offer them a free guide Or a quiz or something
of value or a e-book And they give you the email
address in exchange for that. So then, whenever you
publish new blog posts Two to three times a week,
email them out saying Check out my latest blog post. This will help you get way more traffic. The next strategy I have
for you is I want you to go To the Backlinks Opportunity
Report within Ubersuggest. So go to,
type in your URL. This will take you to the Ubersuggest app. I want you, in the left hand navigation, Click on the Backlinks Opportunity Report. This is where you put in your URL And three plus of your competitors. See, what this report
shows you is everyone Who links to three of your
competitors and not you. See, if someone just links
to one of your competitor, They may be loyal to
them, they may love them And no one else, because
they may be their friend Or they may be biased to that one company.

But if someone's willing to link To three plus of your competitors, Chances are they're
willing to link to you too. Head up all the people that link To multiple of your competitors, See what pages of your competitor sites Are linking to, head them up and tell them Why they should link to you as well. They already like linking out. Again, they're linked to three
plus of your competitors, So they need to also link to you as well. And the more links you get, The higher your rankings will be. The next step I want you to take Is when you write new blog posts, Go into your old blog posts And make sure the ones that are older And related to that new blog
post, you're linking to them. That way, the new blog
posts have link juice From day one and that will also help You get way more SEO rankings And traffic to those posts. Now, the last thing that I do, This is a really simple strategy, Is I use a tool called Subscribers. It's free to get started. It's a push notification tool And what it allows is when
someone comes to your website, You can have them
subscribe to your website Through push notifications
through their browser. They just click a button called Allow And every time you
release a new blog post, You can just send out a push notification. Next time they log into the computer,

Open up their Chrome browser,
they see that notification And boom, they can go to your website. And people love this Because they don't have
to give you their email. And people love this
because they don't have To give you their email address
or any personal information. It's a great way to just
generate more traffic Without asking people for
their personal information. Follow that strategy over time, Not in the next year,
but over multiple years, You can get to a million
plus visitors a month. Now, of course, there's things Like writing content
and keep on researching. I have a lot of videos
on that kind of stuff, And you've probably heard that But this is the promotion side That you really need to get that traffic. Without this promotion side,
you're not going to do as well. If you just want my ad agency, NP Digital, to do all this for you Where we won SEO Campaign of the Year, Check us out, hit us up. We can do this all for you, So you don't have to lift a finger. Or if you have any questions And just you want to do it yourself, We're here to help too. Leave a comment below. I'll answer it and I'll
help you out as well. If you enjoyed the
video, like it, share it, Tell the people about it. Thank you very much.